Pine Survey

As an outdoor enthusiast, hobby photographer (by now on a semi-professional level) and long-time historian/researcher, I have been writing gear related reviews for nearly 10 years.

In 2013, I started with my own private project called Pine Survey – mainly with the goal to archive my reviews on one platform and make it accessible to everyone.

This is non-profit, as un-biased as it is humanly possible and not on a regular basis. Depending on my available time, you will find reviews here with a focus on quality and not quantity.

Luckily I have 1-2 people (some dear friends who are equally enthusiastic) helping me with creating content – you will find info on them below.

The person behind the curtain

I obtained a doctoral degree in history and am doing research on military history and armed conflicts since 2007. In the last 7 years my main work focused on security policy. As a result I am following trends and developments in the defence industry just as much as the relevant policies.

Even though I spent some time in the military as almost every male Austrian citizen, I do not consider myself a professional soldier. The experience in an airmobile unit was a unique experience however, which shaped me personally.


LEO with long time operational experience and SF background. Sport and Operations Trainer.

S. W.:
LEO with SWAT background, now K9 officer.

Schneider B.:
Militia (Reserve) soldier, competitive shooter

Offenlegung gem. §25 Mediengesetz:

Mag. Dr. phil. D. Jaklin, Wien
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