Gastbeitrag: SOCP vs CQB Tool vs ASOT

Im Folgenden darf ich einen Gastbeitrag und ersten Teil einer Serie präsentieren, der einen Vergleich dreier Messer vornimmt, die im Rahmen des SOCP entstanden sind, bzw. davon inspiriert wurden. Mehr Infos zum Autor gibt es am Ende des Reviews; eine Diskussion kann im deutschen Tacticalforum stattfinden. Einführung Greg Thompson trainiert seit über 12 Jahren Special […]

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Review: Fallkniven Professional Survial Knives Series: S1 Pro

Das deutsche Review kann im Tacticalforum nachgelesen werden.   Intro At this year’s IWA outdoor exhibition Fallkniven of Sweden was present again with their own booth for the first time in years. Apparently they decided to show some presence in the knife community and present the new knife models. Not that it would be necessary, […]

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Fieldtest: SloCam in the forest

If Pine Survey is notorious of something in this huge universe of review blogs it is camouflage reviews. Those reports of mine are still among those with the highest hit count and if I get asked something via PM or mail it is about camouflage with a 75% chance.

With that being said I want to present you yet another small contribution to the list of camouflage evaluations. I have introduced SloCam to you guys before in 1-2 reviews. Those were done with a sole cloth of fabric, which is nice to get an first impression of the pattern itself, but it only tells half of the story.

After speaking with my friends at UF PRO, they were kind enough to field me a set of SloCam apparel. With that I was able to shoot some more pictures for you guys to give you an impression on how this camouflage pattern actually looks in the wild. This will only be a small part of a coming series of reviews I am now able to do.

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