Introduction Some of the following pictures are already known from my social media accounts, but I did not put them in a proper review by now. During my last trip to Carinthia I took the time and made some pictures of both PenCott Metropolis and SloCam in a rocky, alpine environment. The reason behind this […]

Please take a second and take a look at this GoFundMe, if you want to support Pine Survey. Thank you! Introduction Recently I wrote an extensive report on PenCott Metropolis and presented several pictures of it in an urban environment. At then end of said article, I promised a follow up field test and here […]

Please take a second and take a look at this GoFundMe, if you want to support Pine Survey. Thank you! Introduction – the first signs of PenCott Metropolis I remember when I met Dom Hyde and Lawrence Holsworth at the Hyde Definition/PenCott booth during IWA 2013 in Nuremberg. Already back then there were talks and […]

Phantomleaf Wasp II – Z4 Introduction Urban camouflage is an underrepresented topic outside of military circles. And while there are many patterns out there, commercially available and/or developed by government research centers for the military, not that many of them have been fielded. I have written about PenCott Metropolis in the past, also covering several […]

Introduction PenCott Wildwood… I have to admit, I did not care much about this particular PenCott variation for the simple reason that I always considered it obsolete. When it was introduced in 2017, I already had 5y of the best experience with Greenzone, making my interest in any other temperate pattern minimal. At the same […]

  Introduction The Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll is a very interesting piece of equipment which was not initially on my radar. Only after conversations with some of my friends and different users in online communities, I actually wanted to take a more closer look at it. With it being offered in PenCott Wildwood as well, I […]

With IWA there usally always comes the question about what camouflage patterns will be exhibited, will there be something new, will it be less or more like last year and so on. Camouflage at IWA The usual suspects were there as always, I don’t need to talk about Multicam and Co, because they are here […]

Let the camo wars begin… Natürlich waren auf der IWA 2014 zahlreiche Tarnmuster vertreten – seien es Jagdmuster alá Realtree, die diversen Fälschungen bekannter Muster von den üblichen Verdächtigen; alte Bekannte wie Woodland oder 3 Color Desert oder letzten Endes die Tarnmuster, die in den letzten zwei Jahren in aller Munde waren. Multicam, PenCott, Kryptek […]