Review: Carinthia – G-LOFT® Ultra Hoodie

Carinthia Pro – G-LOFT® Ultra Hoodie


Writing about a product of Carinthia is actually a novelty on Pine Survey. Despite me being from the same state, and visiting their booth several times during IWA, we never actually talked about a review cooperation. With the G-LOFT® Ultra Hoodie, this will finally change.

While most people might know Carinthia because of their sleeping bags and cold weather apparel, they also produce lighter jackets and in the case of the Ultra Hoodie, are also expanding to other areas of clothing.

So let’s get to the overview and the specs, before looking at the Ultra Hoodie in more detail.

The G-Loft Ultra Hoodie by Carinthia


The G-LOFT® Ultra Hoodie is Carinthia’s endeavor to open up a new product category. Usually only focusing on heavier garments, the Ultra Hoodie is designed as a casual, urban and demi-seasonal anorak type jacket, which provides the functionality of Carinthia’s G-LOFT® insulation and “Techno Stretch” fabric.

Featuring a front pocket with entries on both sides and magnetic closures, the Ultra Hoodie also features an adjustable hood and side zippers for easier access to holstered fire arms.


  • Insulation: G-LOFT 20g
  • Materials: YKK zippers
    Shell 100% Polyester
    Sleeves: “Techno Stretch” 92% Polyester, 8% Elastan
  • Weight: 450g


The G-LOFT® Ultra Hoodie is built with different materials, fitted especially for different parts of the user’s body. While the torso is made of a shell material, lined with 20g/m of Carinthia’s G-LOFT® insulation material, you will find that the sides of the torso, as well as the sleeves are featuring so called “Techno Stretch” material.

Torso material, featuring G-Loft insulation

Taking a closer look at the sleeves, one will find a stretchable mesh material in the arm pit areas, to provide ventilation. The inside of the “Techno Stretch” material is roughened and fleece like, providing light insulation for the arms.

Techno Stretch material on the sides and sleeves, closer look at the mesh arm pits

The fringe of the sleeves is finished with light and soft stretch fabric.

Stretchy finish of the sleeve

The front pocket of the Carinthia Ultra Hoodie is situated in the belly area and features entry points left and right. Both are closed by a magnet in the middle of the opening. As a result the pocket is always automatically closed, but not to a full extent.

side opening to the front pocket

On the inside of the front pocket you will also find two sleeve pockets made of mesh, very close to each of the openings. These are elastic and provide plenty of room for smaller EDC items and even cell phones.

Opening, showing the sleeve pocket inside

As already mentioned, the sides of the torso are made of “Techno Stretch” as well. They also feature a very practical detail for the law enforcement sector: On both the left and right, a one way zipper can be opened nearly half way up the torso, to provide better access to holsters and concealed pouches. The zipper can be hidden in a dedicated zipper tunnel and the beginning of the zipper is protected by a sturdy webbing flap, which is also fixed by a magnet.

Side of the Ultra Hoodie, showing the zipper closed

Side zipper open

Closer look at the side with the zipper in the tunnel

Last but not least two more details have to be mentioned. To provide an easier way of putting the Ultra Hoodie on, a one way zipper opens up the collar. It goes all the way down to the start of the front pocket and features a wind trap, adorned with a tape of Carinthia’s logo.

One way zipper to open the collar

The hood itself is not lined and has no stow away pocket as a logical result of the hoodie concept. It is however anatomically fitted and features a shock cord with cordlock at the back of the head, to tighten it down not only to the back of the head, but also the sides!

Fitted hood

Shock cord adjustment at the back of the hood

Small visor on the hood


I expected nothing other than excellent manufacture by Carinthia and I was not disappointed. Being a long time manufacturer of high quality garments for the sport, military, and hunting market, as well as being one of the major global military contractors to governments, they have an excellent quality control, when it comes to their products.

Closer look at the tape with the logo.

Clean stitches and seams, quality materials as well as optical pleasing design details. You will find it in their products.

Size and Fit

It is safe to say that one has to look at this piece of garment indeed as a hoodie, and not a jacket, when it comes to size and fit!

size and fit

However, talking about size and fit, I have to start with some criticism. While the Ultra Hoodie as a product itself is as excellent as one can wish, the sizing is rather off. When ordering it, I relied on Carinthia’s own sizing table, which gave the impression of a loosely cut hoodie with plenty of length on the sleeves.

The G-Loft Ultra Hoodie by Carinthia

Usually being between Medium and Large (1,80m and 78kg), I decided to go with Medium as a result, only to find out that the Ultra Hoodie is cut so small, that it did not fit me at all. The sleeves were 7cm off from the official sizing chart and the cut on chest and shoulders was far from the measurements as well. To me, size “Medium” actually felt like size “Small”. As a result I had to return the hoodie and size up to Large.

Short sleeves even with size Large (arm fully extende)

Now having the “Large” Ultra Hoodie it still is not really long enough for my arms, while the rest of the torso is now fitting better, and to the bottom even a bit loose. Since ther is no cord to adjust the bottom, or any stretch, the Ultra Hoodie falls freely.

No adjustment to the bottom

As far as I am informed, Carinthia is aware of the issue and already dealing with it. Personally it reduced my initial excitement about the jacket.

Another note on the sleeves: the cut is more on the tighter side, while the “Techno Stretch” material has plenty of room to expand. So if you have stronger arms, expect a close to the body and tight fit, but at the same time, no restriction.

In Use

So far I have been using the Carinthia Ultra Hoodie in the windy city of Vienna and the countryside as well. Having in mind that everyone has a different perception of warmth, I can say that it kept me warm and comfy at temperatures around 5°Celsius, only wearing a T-shirt and longsleeve underneath. And I am the type that gets cold a bit sooner than others.

In use

Breathability is quite decent, especially on the torso. The shell material and G-LOFT® material really shine in this regard. The “Techno Stretch” is a bit different in this regard and feels less breathable.

The hood is easy to adjust and a most welcomed protection against wind and light rain. Which brings us to water repellency. So far I could not test the hoodie in a normal rain, but light showers appear to be no problem. Since the seams are not taped however, don’t expect a long lasting protection.

In Carinthia, wearing Carinthia…

Given the low weight and medium packing size, this hoodie proved to be an excellent companion throughout the day, be it in the city or the woods. And while I was a bit sceptical about the magnet closures, especially when it comes to the danger of damaging cell phones and magnet strips on bank cards etc. I have to say that I did not encounter any issues in that regard.


The Ultra Hoodie by Carinthia is an excellent choice when looking for a demi-seasonal garment, featuring the comfort and advantages of loft clothing. Having a good packing size, it is easy to carry with you, and comfortably to wear during the time of the year, when it is neither warm nor cold.

It comes to no surprise that the Ultra Hoodie won an award at the ISPO show last year. Given the high standard of manufacture and design details, this is well deserved. At the same time, one has to be careful when choosing the right size. In that regard it is worth the time contacting your dealer or looking at the hoodie in person.

With that being said, I want to thank you for reading! I hope I was able to give you yet another review worth spending your time.

Many thanks to Carinthia, for making this review possible.

Take care!

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