Review: ANV Knives – P200

Review: ANV Knives – P200


In this review I want to take a closer look at the ANV P200 knife. Acta Non Verba is a company that some of you might already know from previous articles of mine. Be it the M311 Spelter or the M200 Hard Task, the knives of this Czech company have been accompanying me for quite some time now.

Ondřej, the lead designer, was kind enough to give me another opportunity to put one of his knives to the test and write about it. So before going into more details, I will give you guys a quick overview and the specs.

The ANV P200


The ANV P200 is designed as an all-round outdoor tool, priced economically for the everyday user. Using N690 tool steel and a design rooted in simplicity, the P200 comes in several configurations (coating, serration, sheaths) that offer users the right choice for their purposes. A flat profile and G10 handles make it a light and easy to carry EDC knife for the outdoors.


  • Blade style: Drop-point (Skinner)
  • Blade material: N690 
  • Blade hardness: 58 HRC 
  • Handle material: G10 
  • Sheath material: Kydex / Leather 


  • Overall length: 220 mm / 8,7 inch 
  • Length of blade: 100 mm / 4 inch 
  • Thickness of blade: 3,5 mm / 0,14 inch 
  • Weight of knife: 156 g / 5,5 oz 

The Blade of the ANV P200

If you look at the blade of the ANV P200 you will immediately recognize the classic drop-point shape, with a V-grind and a flat bevel. With a length of 10 cm/4 inch and a thickness of 3,5 mm/0,14 inch, it comes with a very practical dimension.

Closer look at the blade and handle of the P200

The full tang design features a swedge to the front of the spine, giving the knife a harpoon-like look. This way the tip of the blade is still strong enough, in case the user wants/needs to drill or stab into harder surfaces. Contrary to the swedge of the M311 this one is not sharp enough to use a firesteel, although one can certainly modify it that way. The spine itself is nicely rounded, giving the blade a nice touch.

The swedge gives the ANV P200 a harpoon like look

A small choil helps with the sharpening process and prevents any damages to the ricasso. Other than that there is not much to say to the beautiful and simple design of the blade, other than the various laser cut markings: the logo of ANV on the one side, the full name of the company on the spine as well as the model number, steel type and place of origin on the other side.

The other side of the blade, showing the different markings

Just like with the other knives of ANV, the P200 is available in a DLC coating. This is the best type of coating you can wish for and it is nearly impossible to scratch it or get marks on it.

The Handle of the ANV P200

While the M311 and the M200 had their own particular and very specific handle designs, the same can be said about the P200. Very flat in nature, using two G10 handles, it is attached via three large screws that can be removed using a torx screwdriver. The handle features very light anatomic silhouettes for the grip. The G10 handles feature a light texture to improve the grip.

The scales of the ANV P200 are flat and ergonomically shaped

This is also the only place where you see a reason for the lower price, as the handles are not as air tight fitted to the tang as the higher priced military models. In all honesty, you have to look hard to see it.

Bottom side of the scales.

At the pommel you will find a very generous lanyard hole – a piece of paracord is in the scope of delivery, so you immediately have a loop to secure the knife.

Sheath Options

The ANV P200 comes either in a Kydex sheath with two MOLLE clips, or a very nicely crafted leather sheath.

Different sheath options: Leather and Kydex

Taking a closer look at the kydex sheath, there is really no room for critique. It is manufactured in a high quality manner, and features several grommets for either MOLLE clips, tekloks and other mounting options. It also has a distinct hole in the bottom to let water escape.

The Kydex Sheath of the ANV P200
Other side of the Kydex sheath, showing the MOLLE Clips

The ANV P200 snaps right into place and stays there securely, without any play or rattling. The MOLLE clips are very practical, spaced apart to fit PALS webbing and can be easily opened. Putting them into their locking position is a bit trickier, since the tip of the strap tends to go through the wrong opening – nothing you can get used to.

The MOLLE Clips and their locking mechanism

If you prefer a more classic sheath, the one made of leather is a most welcomed surprise. Manufactured by a local saddler, this is a piece of art. The P200 fits tightly in it and is held in place by friction.

The leather sheath of the ANV P200

The leather itself is high quality, heavy duty and expertly finished. The loop makes it ride high on the belt, making it easily concealable. I prefer this sheath over the kydex sheath, because it is such a perfect combination with the design of the P200.

The belt loop of the leather sheath
One more picture of the ANV P200 and its leather sheath

Quality of Manufacture

When it comes to the quality level of manufacture, I could stop right now and just link to the previous two reviews. In my opinion there are not that many companies worldwide that match the quality of manufacture of ANV knives. No-nonsense designs, in combination with a modern machine park and people who know how to use them, make these knives extraordinary.

The quality of the ANV knives is among the best there is

The N690 steel is heat-treated in a way that brings out the best of the steel in terms of strength and edge retention. The handles made of G10 are fitted nicely on the full tang blade (even if it is not as nice as on the military models) and the DLC coating gives the blade a feel of invulnerability.

Both sheaths – leather and kydex – are produced in the same quality and leave no room for critique.

The ANV P200 in use

All the praise about the design and quality of manufacture aside – how does the ANV P200 perform in real life? Being small in size (even legal length for Germany), the knife is light and flat in profile. It carries comfortably on the belt or backpack, without noticing. The size allows it even to quickly put it in your cargo pockets, if you are too lazy to put it on your belt.

The ANV P200 in the wild

Having medium sized hands, the handle fits perfectly in my hand. This is true for both the fencing grip as well as the reverse grip. Since there is no jimping on the spine of the blade, the thumb finds no distinct resting place. However, this did not bother me, while using the blade.

fencing grip
reverse grip

As all knives from ANV, the P200 came razor sharp out of the box. With this sharpness and the thin blade (3,5mm/0,14inch) it bites into wood and other material, like a hungry wolf. The drop-point blade shape is very practical and the high V-Grind makes it a perfect cutter and all around tool around the fireplace. It is very easy to make feather sticks and perform delicate carvings.

Razor sharp out of the box
feather sticks are no problem with this knife

The strong tip held up to quite brutal stabs into tree trunks, when removing arrows. This leads me to the above mentioned swedge. At first glance I was hoping to use it for firesteel, like on the M311 Spelter, but the edges are too round to use it that way. As a result I had to find other ways to create sparks.

Edge retention: As already mentioned, the heat treatment is superb. If done correctly, N690 holds an edge quite well and is easily resharpened. This is the way with the ANV P200, making it a perfect companion for the outdoors.


If you look closely at the product page of the ANV P200, you will find the sentence: “There is strength in simplicity.” After having the knife in use for several weeks, putting it to good use in everyday situations and also outdoors, I can assure you, that this motto is true.

The simplicity is pure beauty

The ANV P200 is an excellent companion for the outdoor enthusiast and hunter, who needs a reliable and versatile tool at his side. The choice in materials and level of quality do not disappoint, as does the price. The bang for the buck factor is huge in this case.

As always one will find plenty of options to get the knife in a configuration best suited for personal needs or taste – be it all black and tactical, or high-visible orange, and therefore easy to find, for the outdoor enthusiast.

There is indeed strength in simplicity and that is why I will keep it short and leave you with the review and its images.

Many thanks to ANV knives for giving me this opportunity to show you guys the knife. And as always, many thanks for reading!

Take care!

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