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There is no use in being fully clothed in camouflage, if you are carrying a backpack that sticks out, even if it is a military solid colour like coyote, ranger green or the like. Not only the shape of the pack, but also the items you carry can be of disadvantage.

In order to solve this issue, you will find various camouflage solutions for backpacks. The Python Backpack Cover G1 by Phantomleaf is such a solution, which is why I want to take a closer look at it.


The Python Backpack Cover G1 is an IR treated 100% polyester material, suitable for backpacks up to 120l volume. It features several loops to attach either foliage or dedicated leaf imitations by Phantomleaf. It is available in 4 different colour variations of the WASP II camouflage pattern: Z2 (arid), Z3A (temperate), Z3B (snow) and Z4 (urban).


  • Material: 100% Polyester, IR and FR treated
  • Weight: 175 grams


The build-up is very simple as you would expect from any backpack cover. You basically have a large area of camouflage fabric that can be adjusted by a bungee cord to the size of the backpack. The maximum is a 120l backpack, so users are very flexible when it comes to their gear.

The Python Backpack Cover G1 loose on the ground

To fasten the bungee cord you simply use the integrated cord lock. To further break up the silhouette, the user has the option to use 6 loops to attach dedicated leaf imitations with the same Phantomleaf WASP II pattern (sold separately). The loops are spaced out evenly on all the different colour areas in order to use the right coloured imitations on the right space.

The cord lock to fasten the bungee cord
Several loops to attach further camouflage

What has to be understood: this is no raincover, but a camouflage cover! Even though the Python Backpack Cover G1 is DWR treated and tightly woven, it is not a plastic waterproof shell. Its properties are fast drying, however.

A coser look at the label inside

Other than that it is IR and FR treated. Meaning the camouflage works in the near infrared spectrum and is flame retardant. The material itself has barely no shine even though it is Polyester and does not crumble easily. It is rather a tightly woven, knitted fabric, than a mesh material.

Quality of Manufacture

There is not much to say about a simple backpack cover, but I can tell you that the 100% polyester feels strong and sturdy. The seams are tight and everything feels high quality. What I did notice was that the colours are more saturated on the polyester fabric, making Z2 and Z3A closer in colour than on the NyCo. The same can be said about the Z3B and Z4.

The four different WASP II colours

Other than that there is no room for criticism.

In Use

Using the Python Backpack Cover G1 is a no-brainer, you only have to realize where to add the imitations, to make it fully break up the silhouette. I had the luxury of trying out all the four colours and have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised about the effectiveness, even without the added foliage.

Python Backpack Cover in Z2
The Z2 cover on the forest ground

As you can see the backpack covers work perfectly in the snow, early spring or autumn, and the summer. Forgive me for not adding an urban picture – maybe I will add that one later.

A shadow grey backpack on the forest ground.
The same backpack covered in the Python Backpack Cover in Z3A

Even when the backpack is not 120l, the Python Backpack Cover G1 is working perfectly. Because of the excess fabric you even have an added silhouette breaking effect like with the Mitznefet of the IDF.

Another picture of the Z3A backpack cover, breaking up the silhouette
The snow variant Z3B… not that many pics out there of that one.

Unexpectedly I also had the opportunity to take a picture of one of the covers (Z3A) through a high quality, military grade night vision set. The Python Backpack Cover G1 did not disappoint and the choice of colours, and the pattern itself, proved to be extremely effective under IR.

The Z3A Python backpack cover under IR


In times when a solid colour backpack is a necessity because of interchangeability, cost reduction or basic considerations on flexibility, camouflage covers provide an effective way of breaking up the silhouette of the user.

The Python Backpack Cover G1 offers a high grade professional solution to further break up the user’s silhouette and blend into specific environments. It must not be mistaken for a rain cover, but a very reliable, IR and FR treated camouflage cover.

With that being said, I want to thank Phantomleaf for giving me the opportunity to present all four available variants of the Python Backpack Cover G1 to you guys!

Thank you for reading!

Take care!

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