Review: Husar Group – Admin Pouch/Waist pack

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This is not the first time I am writing about a product of Husar Group since I already had the opportunity to introduce the Polish company to you in this review.
Lately the guys were kind enough to send me one of their prototypes of their new Admin pouch/waistpack, which accompanied me during the last view weeks on different occasions.

Primarily meant as an admin pouch attached to plate carriers and similar vest with MOLLE platforms, it can also be worn as a waist or fanny pack, using the detachable straps. But lets start with a quick view on the specs as well as the materials, before I go into more detail.


  • Fabric: 500D cordura (shown in PenCott Badlands), Hypalon
  • Hardware: ITW Nexus buckles, YKK zippers, Duraflex Slik Cliks
  • Div: 550 Paracord, Shockcord


  • L: ca. 20 cm/ 8 inch
  • H: ca. 10 cm/ 4 inch
  • W: ca. 4 cm/ 1,5 inch

The front

Starting at the front you will find a loop velcro area mounted on top of a blow-up slip pocket, that can be closed with two velcro strips. A Hypalon tab is handily placed in the middle to help with the opening process. You will find the logo of Husar Group lasered on it, which in my opinion is a nice touch.

Hypalon tab with company logo

The slip pocket can be opened for about an inch on top and narrows down below to basically zero inches due to the way of attachment. This offers an effortless access from the top, but only space for thin items. More on that later.

The flatable slippocket in front

On the left and right one can find two loops made from elastic straps each, giving you the opportunity to carry pens, chemlights, glas breakers, kubotans or even sunglasses.

Elastic loops for pens, chemlights and the like

Main Compartment
The pouch opens completely since it is a clamshell design, giving full access to the interior. The two way YKK zipper opening the pouch goes all the way around to the bottom. The zipper slides are fitted with 550 paracord to get a better grip on them as well as silence them from rattling.

The main compartment

The front of the inner side is equipped with three vertical rows of elastic webbing featuring different sized loops. The left and right row feature three 1,5 inch sized loops each and the row in the middle a 0.5”, a 2,5” and a 1” loop. This gives you the option to fix items of various sizes inside.

The pouch completely opened

The backside of the main compartment features a slip pocket over the whole back area. The fabric used to create this slip pocket is made out of a thin orange fabric, which gives a high contrast in low light situations. Mounted on this fabric is one horizontal row of elastic webbing sewn down in the middle, creating two 3,75 inch loops.

drain hole and velcro area

The bottom of the main compartment has a drain hole as well as a loop velcro strap. The latter can be used to add accessories like dividers or slip pockets for maps and lens filters that will eventually be offered by Husar Group.

The Bottom
At the bottom four straps are provided to hold a shockcord tied up with a cordlock. This way you can attach some items to the pouch you need quick access to or just want to fixate quickly, like gloves, bandanas and the like.

shock cord at the bottom

Attachment options
I didn’t go into detail regarding the backside of the pouch since I want to talk about it here in connection to the different attachment possibilities.

The back of the pouch

The back features no traditional MOLLE webbing but two sets of Hypalon channels compatible to a standard MOLLE platform, offering two rows of MOLLE each. There are two straps that can be used to attach the pouch on webbing.

The hypalon MOLLE loops at the back

The end of these straps is reinforced and sewn back to act as a hook. The lower Hypalon channel features two layers of the highly adhesive fabric and in combination with the hook you will find it extremely secure just like a push button.

The two layers of the hypalon securing system

Because of the dimensions of the pouch, the bottom row of MOLLE can’t be fully attached to the opposite webbing area (the pack, or vest), leaving it moveable in the lower section. The only way to prevent this would be longer straps, but then the whole locking method using the Hypalon and the hook would not work. So this was the best way to go.

The dilemma of the MOLLE attachment

The MOLLE compatibility makes the pouch usable on every vest, plate carrier or backpack with enough webbing. I for myself used it as addition on a pack. Since I am not using vests, you have to make do with these pictures.

The second possibility to use the pouch is as a fanny or waist pack. The necessary straps and buckles are provided by Husar Group with the pouch.

Duraflex Slik Clik and ITW Nexus Buckle

Via two straps – one on each side – a waist strap can be installed. That waist strap is attached to the pouch by Duraflex Slik Cliks and also features two ITW Nexus buckles for easy removal by the user. An elastic strap is used as a retainer for the excess strap.

The manufacture is solid and as you might have realized, Husar Group is only using the finest materials on the market: Cordura, ITW Nexus, YKK etc. Everything is Mil Spec and they did a fine job as well.

As a sidenote: please don’t let yourself be fooled by the yellow markings on the pouch. Since this is a prototype model there are some minor glitches. Also the only critic point that I would have pointed out with regards to the manufacture will be dealt with anyway. This being a seam tape on the inside, covering the seams on the border. This you will find in the production model.

As mentioned before the pouch is meant as a admin pouch on vests or as a waist pack. Therefore I made some pictures for you to show it packed with different items as size reference.


The front offers room for one way rubber gloves (first aid or body searches), cards and the like. The main compartment leaves room for flashlights, Multitools, pens as well as notebooks.

Front pocket

packed pouch

slip pocket with notebooks

In my honest opinion Husar Group could get rid of the two large elastic loops on the back of the inside. Those are too floppy in combination with the thin orange fabric.

I have used the Admin pouch for several weeks now and have to say that it is one of my most used pouches so far. Thanks to the flat profile it was being used by me on packs where I normally do not attach MOLLE pouches because of the bulkiness it creates.

The same flat profile makes it ideal as a waistpack when you do want something low profile. Beneath a large shirt the pouch vanishes and gives you additional room to store items besides of your pants. I used it several times to go to the lake only with my board shorts and a shirt, carrying my phone and my keys.

view from the back

In that regard you will find a multi use pouch in this model. Something often advertised but seldom achieved by companies.

The manufacture of Husar Group is good to go and so far I had good experiences with the guys. If there is something not in stock you have to consider longer waiting times since this is not a major company like Tasmanian Tiger, Tactical Tailor and the like. For more infos I would refer you to the guys themselves.

Thank you for reading and thanks to Husar Group for giving me the opportunity to review the pouch for you guys.