Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT – Multipurpose Slings

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT – Multipurpose Slings


Tasmanian Tiger has been offering a variety of Multipurpose Slings for some time now, providing versatile solutions designed not only for weapons, but also for cameras, binoculars, and bags. This article explores the features and components that make these slings a practical and adaptable accessory and compares the MK I and MK II versions of the TT Multipurpose Sling. It also provides an insight into the TT Single Multipurpose Sling.


Tasmanian Tiger’s Multipurpose Slings provide comprehensive solutions for different applications. Beyond its primary use for weapons, they serve as a reliable strap for cameras, binoculars, and even bags. This is made possible by providing several attachment options like HK-Hooks, Paracord loops and webbing adapters.

The TT Multipurpose Slings in various uses

The build-up of the Multipurpose Slings

The TT Multipurpose Sling is a two-point sling and consists of a main body that is padded and roughly 46cm x 5cm or 18” x 2” in size. One inch webbing is attached to both sides, featuring gliders/buckles to adjust the length of th the sling. On both ends you will find male Woojin buckles that connect with the three adapter pieces that come with the sling.

TT Multipurpose Sling MKI and its webbing

Looking at the TT Single Multipurpose Sling one can find a different approach. The adapter (again a male Woojin buckle) is attached to a triangular ring that connects to 1,25” tubular webbing. This webbing contains two thick shock/bungee cord straps that are safely stitched into the strap via two reinforced seams on both ends.

On one side, the sling connects to the adjustable part of the sling via a weblock adjuster and on the other side with a 30mm Stealth buckle by Woojin. The main part of the sling can be adjusted in length again, with an additional Weblock and features a detachable padding that is 33cm x 5cm or 13” x 2” in size. That way you can choose if you need the padding or not. 

Features, Components and Differences

All three slings come equipped with three distinct adapters for weapon attachment: the HK-Hook adapter, a webbing adapter which can be adjusted using gliders, and a Paracord loop adapter for universal use. 

Notably, the sets of the two point slings include two of each adapter. The one of the single point sling only one of each. However, there are no Push-Pin adapters, which could be used in newer weapon systems. 

The two point MK I and MK II slings are both generously padded as already mentioned, ensuring optimum comfort during prolonged use. Both feature gliders at both ends to adjust the length accordingly. 

TT Multipurpose Sling MKI and MKII next to each other

The MK I uses an additional glider buckle for swift length adjustments in dynamic situations. The MK II uses a different build-up to achieve the same effect. With the MK II a different glide buckle is being used, which is integrated in a larger webbing loop that is attached to the padding via a buckle.

Different approach of the MKII

As a result, the user can adjust the length just as easily, but is able to make the sling slightly longer. An additional glider buckle acts as a stop and can be placed wherever the user needs it. Another improvement is that the excess strap is no longer hanging loose.

Their Versatility in Action

The Multipurpose Sling exceeds its primary role as weapons sling by allowing diverse applications. Users can seamlessly convert it into a camera strap or as a shoulder strap for bags. Both the single-point as well as the MK I and MK II two-point configurations adapt effortlessly to different weapon attachment setups. Their universality and quick adjustment capabilities make the slings a valuable asset across a range of scenarios and equipment.

Personally I use the two point sling mainly as a camera sling. It is long enough for the camera to be comfortably carried on the side. Especially when using heavier camera models, the padding increases comfort immensely.

The TT Multipurpose Sling attached to a camera

The single point sling is my go to for my Glock Conversion kit – the KPOS. Obviously one can also use it for rifle setups, especially with the excellent padding and strong webbing, but I will not go into discussions on what is best and if one should carry one point slings over the left or right shoulder.


Coming to an end, the Tasmanian Tiger Multipurpose Slings stand out as dynamic and adaptable accessories. The inclusion of multiple adapters in the sets enhances their flexibility, allowing users to customize them for their personal and specific needs. The generous padding ensures comfort, while the gliders of the MK I and MK II enable rapid length adjustments even under heavier loads. As a result, everyone ranging from tactical enthusiasts, photographers, or those in need of a reliable carry solution will find a reliable and versatile option in these slings.

With that being said, I want to thank Tasmanian Tiger for giving me the opportunity to show you these slings.

Many thanks for reading!

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