Review: UF PRO – P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts

Review: UF PRO – P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts


UF PRO is a company in constant evolution and the updates on shorts like the P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts are an excellent example in this regard. In the last few months I had the opportunity to wear these Shorts on a regular basis and as a result I am able to give you my personal impressions on them.

The UF PRO P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts

So before going into more details, let’s have a quick overview and some specs.


The UF PRO P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts are an update to the previous P-40 Shorts of the company, featuring several changes. The Waist/Flex-System akin to that of the Striker ULT Combat Pants, elastic stretch panels on the side, an integrated underbelt and a back pad provide users with more comfort and options. The cargo pockets are changed and feature elastic webbing on the inside, ventilation vents next to the vertical opening as well as a pen slot next to the smartphone pocket. Using additional Schoeller stretch fabric, the pants have increased in comfort and added mobility.


  • Fabric: (Depending on the colors) 50/50 NyCo (Multicam Black), 57/43 NyCo Extreme (Multicam), 65/35 PolyCo (sold colors), Schoeller-dynamic®: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elasthan
  • Weight: 0,6 Kg

Build-up of the P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts

Listening to user feedback, the design team changed the length of the P-40 shorts, making them end shortly above the knee. This is a pity on the one hand, as the longer shorts offered knee protection during dynamic movement or hikes in the mountains, but on the other hand it is also understandable that most users prefer shorter lengths, because of heat management.

The length of the P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts

However, this was not the only update to these shorts. UF PRO added the new Waist/Flex System to the shorts, which was already introduced with the ULT Striker Combat pants. Flexible stretch panels on the sides provide a comfortable fit like a second skin. An underbelt, fitted with velcro to bind it to overbelts, is attached to the sides of the waist and makes traditional belts obsolete.

Waist/Flex System with underbelt

This belt features a reinforced belt buckle which can be changed to other colors or when damaged. It also lays very flat, making additional overbelts more comfortable to wear. Even the movement of the buckle can be controlled, by using the slot on the backside and the Canadian slotted button at the fly. The area on the backside is protected by a dedicated pad of mesh, which softens pressure from belts or packs. The latter also features a velcro area to further fix over belts.

With all that talk of buckles: The P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts are fitted with 5 belt loops, with both of the front loops featuring additional velcro closed tabs for the underbelt.

The side pockets are deep enough for EDC items and feature hidden zippered pockets for coins and the like on both sides.

Both cargo pockets feature several organizational features. First of all, the main opening can be closed/opened by zipper. There are vertical zippers that not only provide vents to the inside, when it is really hot, but also an additional vertical zipper to have access to the cargo pocket, when sitting down. 

Featuring elastic webbing, the inside of the cargo pockets allows the user to fixate items like magazines or Israeli bandages.

Elastic webbing loops on the inside in 3 different sizes

On the outside of both cargo pants you can find a smartphone pocket with a removable flap to secure it. There is also another hidden feature here: just beside the smartphone pocket is a small slot for pens.

Last but not least you will also find zippered pockets on the back and a small pocket for your folding knife on the side.

Back pockets

Quality of Manufacture

The quality of UF PRO is among the best in the tactical apparel world – if not the best. When looking at the complicated construction of these shorts, one might even wonder how the seamstresses managed to put these pieces together. Of course this has the bitter side effect of higher costs.

High quality of manufacture with high grade materials

With that being said, the P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts feature high quality materials, excellent workmanship and thought-through features. Looking at the quality of manufacture, the overall clean look and the sturdiness of the construction, there is certainly no room for complaint here.

The P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts in Use

The P-40 Gen.2 tactical shorts accompanied me for several months by now. As a result, I was able to get several insights into the positive and negative aspects of the shorts.


  • The flexible side stretch panels of UF PRO’s Waist/Flex System are as comfortable as it gets. The shorts literally snuggle up to your body, becoming your second skin.
  • The fit of the pants is very comfortable – especially at the crotch. Something that is not the case with other UF PRO pants. It seems to have a higher rise than other pants, leaving more room for your private parts.
  • Ventilation is great, thanks to the vertical zippers that open up to the mesh at the upper legs.
  • The pocket layout is smart and full of features


  • The included underbelt is a blessing and a curse at the same time. While you don’t have to worry about an optional/extra belt, it can also be a nuisance sometimes, as it adds bulk and is not detachable.


  • Together with the lower back pad, the included underbelt creates considerable bulk when folding the shorts.
  • Heaviness of the shorts as a result of the sturdy construction

Even though these are shorts, they are actually quite heavy and thick. This is a result of the amount of fabric used, as well as the various layers of the side pockets. So while being feature-laden, it makes the shorts warmer than usual. As a result, the ventilation openings/vents are much needed. Without them, these shorts would be quite uncomfortable in the heat, just like long pants.

The P-40 Gen.2 Tactical Shorts in use

Depending on the fabric, the P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts also need some time to break in. Especially the 50/50 NyCo is rather stiff, making the shorts a bit uncomfortable at first, especially since the different layers and zippers add volume.

As soon as that issue is resolved, these shorts are extremely comfortable. The back pad is not noticeable, and the under belt is a quick feature to open and close. While I am not sure if one needs the elastic webbing in the cargo pockets, I am certain some users will find them useful nevertheless – especially when fixing magazines or bandages. Personally I find them to create more warmth during hot days, which is a bit tiresome.

Sizing is spot on, as always with UF PRO pants, and the shortened length is just perfect, if you are going for the “above the knee” length without going into the “hot pants” kinda length.

The smartphone pocket is just wide enough to hold my phone (Moto G9 plus) with its protection cover, however the different sizes in phones make this a tricky feature to assess.


The UF PRO P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts surely resulted in some mixed feelings in the tactical community. On the one hand, the wish of the loud mass of (internet) users was answered and the length of the shorts cut above knee length. On the other hand, incorporating the Waist/Flex System of the ULT Striker Pants led to increased costs, which some of the same group probably won’t understand.

All in all the UF PRO P-40 Gen. 2 Tactical Shorts are amazing, no doubt about that! However, to a certain price point and everyone has to decide for themselves if they are worth it or not.

Just for everyday use?

When looking at all the features as well as the quality of manufacture, there is no doubt about the shorts being worth their money, looking at it from an objective point of view. Especially for demanding users who need those features, the P-40 Gen. 2 will be an interesting item to look at. People who need their shorts only for city errands and trips to the beach, will be better off with other options on the market, especially if the price point is a no go for them.

With that being said I hope I was able to give you a decent impression of these shorts. Many thanks to UF PRO for giving me the opportunity to show them to you!

Many thanks for reading!

Take care!

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