Starting Tourniquet Tuesday with the CAT Gen-7, my dear friend and Pine Survey Contributor Alzwolf will take you through the features of the CAT Gen-7 and present his opinion on this particular tourniquet.



The Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®.) Is arguably the best known and most widely used ligation system in the world. Recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, it is used by the military, the police, civilian rescue services and mountain rescue, helping to effectively prevent massive blood loss in severe limb injuries.

CAT Gen.7

The CAT Gen. 7 opened up


  • Dimensions: unopened: 15 x 6 x 4 cm / Open: 6 x 95.25 cm,
  • Military NSN number: 6515-01-521-7976
  • Color: BlackWeight: 76 g

The CAT tourniquet has an individual size adjustment to attach to all extremities – combined with a one-hand wind system. The wind system uses a freely movable, inner band to prevent the flow of arterial blood to a limb. To fix the gag, you only need one hand: The C-A-T ™ has a velcro closure to ensure a secure fixation of the gag during transport.

In Generation 7, the handling of the Combat Application Tourniquet® has been further improved. A more solid, ergonomic and stable plastic knob makes it easier to grab and rotate. The newly designed buckle makes it no longer necessary to lace the velcro through two buckles, as in earlier C-A-T® generations.

The CAT is not the most comfortable, but there is a cushion for the patient. In addition, the patient’s skin is protected by the tough material during tightening. Due to the “safety horns” arranged on both sides, the CAT can be tightened both on the left and on the right and finally fixed securely.

At the same time, the white TIME strip serves as a final hook-and-loop fastener for the toggle and at the same time enables you to record the time of the precise installation of the CAT Tourniquet. The CAT is available in three colors black, orange and blue. Black for military and police and blue for training.


CAT Gen. 7 in Tourniquet Pouch

Tourniquet Pouch opened

CAT Gen. 7 applied on arm

CAT Gen. 7 fastened on arm

Applying the CAT Gen. 7 on a leg

Tightening the CAT Gen. 7 on a leg

CAT Gen. 7 applied on a leg


The CAT is a very widespread TQ and is widely used within NATO and also the European police authorities due to its market position and the recommendation of the TCCC committee. There is currently the generation 7, which does not mean that it has been constantly improved here. The handling is simple, but I would have wished the development, the needs and experience of the emergency services would be more involved in the development. Among other things, I miss the security and the secure grip of the remaining velcro tape to prevent the risk of unintentional opening by rescue workers or the wounded.


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