Tourniquet Tuesday: SOFT-T

Continuing Tourniquet Tuesday, my dear friend and Pine Survey Contributor Alzwolf will take you through the features of the SOFT-T Gen.3 and present his opinion on this particular tourniquet.



The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-W presented here is the GEN3, but by now TACMED SOLUTION is already offering a GEN4.
The Tactical Tourniquet is specifically designed for setting and controlling life-threatening upper and lower limb haemorrhages. Developed for the military and police, it is also a lifesaver during emergencies while climbing, hunting and/or doing forestry missions.

SOFTT-W unopened

SOFTT-W opened up


SOFTT-W, Time area


  • Dimensions unopened: 15 x 5 x 5 cm / open: 7 x 115 cm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Military NSN number: 6515-01-587-9943

The toggle of the tourniquet is made of a piece of aircraft aluminium and retains its stability even at extreme temperatures. The tri-ring is made of sturdy plastic. The novel, lightweight and secure tourniquet consists of a 4 cm wide ligature for effective bonding even in difficult situations. In addition, thanks to the wide ligament bandage, greater compression and comfort for the injured are ensured.

In addition, the tourniquet provides an easy-to-use closure that allows for quick donning without threading, reducing the stress factor as well as the duration of application and blood loss. The gag is milled from one piece of aluminium. As a result, stability problems are prevented at higher load such as in the application on the thigh. It is an easy, effective and quick to put on tourniquet and applicable in every situation.The newly developed SOF TT-W GEN 4 Tourniquet has an improved buckle which speeds up donning and in addition to the triangle toggle fixation now also features a plastic clip.

The compact TQ does not wear and does not take up much space

The compact SOFTT-W, in a TT Medic Pack.

SOFTT-W applied on arm

Easy regulation of width and pull

The tri-ring secures the aluminium toggle

Easy regulation of the width, whether on the arm or leg

Once pulled tight and the TQ holds. Only turn off the aluminium toggle

The tri-ring secures the aluminium toggle



The SOF TT-W GEN 3 is small, light and compact. It fits in every pocket and does not take up much space. I like to carry it in the upper arm pockets or in the Frog.Pro SFD Responder. I also like the simple and secure extension option of the band. The application is simple and straightforward; you do not have to fumble so much.

Stealth: Compact, lightweight and unobtrusive in the Frog.Pro SFD Responder

Compared to the CAT, I have the following experiences:

  • The CAT is easier for one handed application. The way the buckle is designed, the CAT is easier to initially pull tighter which means fewer turns are required. The CAT windlass secures in the bracket easier than the SOF-T’s shorter windlass in the triangle.
  • The version of the SOF-T folds smaller than the CAT, but (as stated above) does not handle as good one-handed. The SOF-T Gen IV and CAT fold to about the same size.
  • The SOF-T has a metal windlass and buckle versus the plastic on the CAT, which makes it more durable but also heavier.
  • The Velcro on the CAT can be more susceptible to dirt and dust.
  • The SOF-T are a few inches longer than the CAT, therefore can be more easily applied to larger limb.

Thank you for reading and take care!

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