Tourniquet Tuesday: SOF-tourniquet Gen 4

This is the last review of the Tourniquet Tuesday series! Thank you for tuning in and many thanks to my dear friend Alzwolf, who will give you his take on the Generation 4 of the SOF-T!

SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4

I already introduced you to the SOFT T-W GEN 3 tourniquet by Tactical Medical Solutions. As curious as I was, I recently bought the new GEN 4 and am pleased to use it as the conclusion of the Tourniquet Tuesday series here on Pine Survey.

SOF® Tourniquet GEN 4 in a compact condition


  • Dimension closed: 12,5 cm x 5 cm x 4,5 cm / open: 4 cm x 115 cm
  • Weight: 131 g
  • Colours: Rescue orange, tan, black, training blue, red
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6515-01-587-9943 (black)


What are the differences between

the SOF® Tourniquet GEN 4 and SOF TT-W GEN 3?


SOF® tourniquet GEN 4, left and SOF TT-W GEN 3, right


Longer windlass

The GEN 4 gag is 14 cm long, thus 1 cm longer than its predecessor. The extension facilitates the attachment of the toggle in the clip and in the triangle toggle fixation and increases the effectiveness of the double retention system. The tapered ends are retained while being machined from one piece of aircraft grade aluminium rod stock. It is also anodized to minimize the signature of the product in a tactical environment. The windlass on the GEN 4 is slimmer than on the GEN 3.

SOF® tourniquet GEN 4, above with longer and slender windlass and SOF TT-W GEN 3 below.

Retention Clip

The Retention Clip is made of an impact-resistant plastic and helps secure the toggle by locking it after attaching the tourniquet. This is especially useful for single-handed applications, as application times are shortened and the safety of the device in combination with the triangular fixation during patient movements is doubled. With the SOF TT-W GEN 3 there is only the triangle to secure the gag.

The retention clip. Helpful in the application with one hand

Quick-Compression Buckle

The Quick-Compression buckle added to the tourniquet allows easier closure of the buckle thanks to the rounded edges. This also allows a simpler single-handed and a faster application overall. In contrast to the GEN 3, the band runs through easier, because with the GEN 4 everything is nice and round.

The buckles in comparison

Reinforced material

The most robust tourniquet has now been made even stronger. The 4 cm wide ligament ensures a higher compression than most other standard tourniquets, which often have a wide loop, but only a 2.5 cm wide inner band. The wide ligament band not only allows for greater compression, but also provides greater comfort to the injured.

Clearly recognizable in the GEN4, that the material is more robust.


The SOF® tourniquet GEN 4 is compact and lightweight in pack size, is very robust and advanced. In one-handed or two-handed application, it was quick and easy to use. To put it in a nutshell, the SOF® Tourniquet GEN 4 is truly an advanced development. I felt safe and comfortable in the application. Thank you for your attention and interest!

Take care!

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