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They are real… crazy enthusiasts like me who collect, pile up or trade huge amounts of morale patches or just hide them away like small treasures. In the community of military interested collectors, enthusiasts or users these patches enjoy more and more popularity. Especially in the last few years the broad public started using these patches also and by now every online knife-, gear-, or army store has its own categories only for patches.

However, what is the collector or producer going to do with the mass of patches? Right… he puts them on a patch panel or stores them in a patch book. The latter were available only through MilSpec Monkey (made by Tactical Tailor) for a long time. The problem of import is an issue for most collectors in Europe though and the changing value of the Dollar/Euro currency as well as the added taxes and fees of the postal services are quite a deal breaker. To be fair, there are some shops in Europe carrying the patch books of MilSpec Monkey in their stores, but mostly they are on backorder.

Insofar I was more than pleased when I encountered Husar Systems or the Husar Group via Facebook. Those Polish guys started a young and small gear manufactory, which produces all kind of different equipment. Starting with apparel, plate carriers and chest rigs, they also feature said patch books.

And the best of all… they built their gear also with PenCott materials. Ergo… an order from me was obvious.

At this point I have to add, that the customer service was very nice indeed. I was kept in the loop on the process the whole time and was able to customize the books as I wanted them to be. I had a lot of room for different changes: solid color velcro or camo velcro, Molle/Pals or not etc.

The patch books:

The dimensions of the patch books are as follows:

L:30cm x H:25cm x D:8cm

On the outside there is webbing attached which serves as carrying handle. By adding mesh material to the handles the carrying comfort was improved.

Additionally there are velcro loop areas on both sides to mark or individualize the patch books.

On the inside there are altogether 6 velcro loop areas with way enough room for patches. Two of the pages are on the actual backside of the books. The other four are provided through two pages which are removeable. These pages are attached via velcro and leave enough room to add more pages to expand the storing space of patches to up to 10+ velcro loop areas.



Both patch books feature little tags on the outside naming the manufacturing date, stock number and the person, which sewed the product.



The manufacture is very good. All of the seams are tidy and straight. The material is original Cordura with genuine PenCott print, and zippers from YKK. The slides of the zipper are also equipped with 550 paracord in matching colors.


Contrary to the patch books of MilSpec Monkey (which are made by Tactical Tailor) there are no support frames in the side panels of the books or the pages with the loop velcro. In this regard the points of view (if this is good or bad) may differ. I personally have no problem with this, since it makes the patch books more flexible and lighter. Needless to say the construction does not suffer from this.

The only two things that bother me are:

  • I would have like 10 instead of 6 loop areas. Meaning: there could/should be two more pages with loop velcro.
  • On the inside I would have liked some edge binding to hide some of the seams.

Other than that one really can’t complain.


For some time now Poland is getting more and more interesting in regards of gear. The Husar Group is one example that you don’t have to look across the pond to get good gear. Me personally I am trying to primarily purchase my gear in Europe to support the economy here. Insofar I really like the chance to support a young company like Husar Systems/Group.

The patch books are a nice way to store ones patch collection and other equipment. The patch book can also be used as a pistol bag if you have the necessary accessories to add to the velcro. So you basically don’t have to be a patch collector to be interested in this product.
The patch books can’t be compared to the ones manufactured by Tactical Tailor, but they are an interesting alternative nevertheless – especially since I am sure that the guys are constantly working on improvements.

I would suggest you contact the guys themselves for further information. As always Thank you for your time, reading this.

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