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I remember coming across Husar Ltd nearly 4 years ago and am following their products since then. As some of you might remember, I already did some reviews on their products and I can honestly say that these guys are constantly improving their products. Looking at what I have from them from 2014/15 and and looking at their gear in 2018, you can tell they have come a long way.

In January I inquired to get their Admin panel pouch and after some messaging they wanted to send me their new Cubby+ as well, to show me what improvements they did with that particular product, having in mind I did a review on one of their prototypes back then.

So with this review I want to give you a detailed insight to one of their more prominent products: the Cubby+.

Husar Ltd – Cubby+


The Husar Cubby+ is primarily designed as a admin pouch for plate carriers. With the additional buckles and strap, one can also wear it as a waist/fanny bag to carry personal EDC or other essentials. Using the additional laser-cut slits in the MOLLE webbing, you can also attach the pouch on a bike, or the bottom of a plate carrier.
The Cubby+ is the bigger version of the standard Cubby and offers several organisational options in a clamshell main- and a zippered front compartment. Additional outer features offer several ways to mount and carry other items. The pouch is MOLLE compatible.


  • HxWxD: 11,5cm x 22cm x 6,5cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Materials: 500den Cordura, ykk Zipper, Duraflex Buckles, Paracord, Shock Cord, Hypalon

Main Compartment

The main compartment of the Cubby+ opens like a full clamshell with a two way zipper that goes all the way around and nearly opens ¼ on each side of the bottom. However, you cannot put it completely opened on the floor, because two elastic straps prevent the pouch from fully opening. This is important, when mounting the pouch on a MOLLE platform. On the bottom you will find a velcro area that allows you to mount small Velcro bases accessories or dividers.

Main compartment – inner front side

The front side of the interior features 3 elastic loops on the top side for pens, firesteel, Kubotans, glassbreakers etc.

Below you will find an big elastic strap with 3 large loops that leave enough room for Multi Tools, Paracord and the like. Directly mounted on them are 2 smaller loops each, 6 in total. With those you will have plenty of options to carry smaller items like smaller flashlights, lighters, batteries, Micro Tools etc.

Main Compartment – back side pocket. Note the D-Ring

The backside of the main compartment features a wide pocket that covers the whole backside and leaves enough room for a small notebook like a Rite in the Rain or Moleskin. Directly mounted on this, you will find 2 loops of elastic webbing that are big enough to hold an Israeli bandage or Gauze. Above this pocket you will find a D-Ring to attach a lanyard for your keys, or to secure a tool.

Main Compartment – back side elastic webbing

Both the main compartment and its inner pouch are equipped with drain holes, in case you get soaked and need to get fluids out.

Drain holes for all the compartments

Front Compartment

The front compartment is zippered with a fixed zipper in my version – even though the homepage of Husar states, that the Cubby+ has a velcro based zipper insert (just a full disclaimer from my side). I don’t mind this, since I find it more practical.

Front compartment with elastic webbing

The front compartment features 6 small elastic loops on the backside of the interior. Plenty of options to hold smaller items, while not taking away any of the space from the smaller front compartment. Just like the main compartment, this one also features a drain hole.

Self sealing zippers and Hypalon Tab, with laserd Husar Logo

On top of the front compartment you will find a Hypalon Tab wearing Husar’s logo. This is quite handy when opening the front.

Other Features

The front of the Cubby+ features a large velcro area for your unit insignia, identification or every day morale patches. On the left and right you will also find two elastic loops each (4 in total). These are mounted in pairs above each other to be able to either carry chemlights, or just your EDC sunglasses – completely up to you.

Outside features: Velcro Area, elastic loop webbing, shock cord at the bottom

The bottom of the admin pouch has four loops with shock cord laced through it. With a cord lock you can easen and tighten whatever you are carrying underneath the pouch. Be it a bottle or (like in my case) a compressed windshirt (Helikon-Tex Windrunner).

loops with shockcord underneath the Cubby+

On the backside you will find several loops as well. Two upper loops give you the option to mount the Cubby+ like a chest rig pouch. The side loops are being used to attach a waist belt strap with two pairs of detachable Duraflex buckles.

Backside with loops for various mounting options

As mentioned already, you can also use the Cubby+ on a MOLLE platform. For that it features hypalon straps and MOLLE loops on the backside of the pouch. These are easy to use and feature a stiffened tab closure, that acts like a hook.

MOLLE with attached hypalon straps – note the laser-cut slits for additional mounting options

In the MOLLE loops you will find additional laser-cut slits. These are meant to provide additional carrying options of the Cubby+.

Making use of the small laser cut slits – creating a loop

Depending on what length you need, you can route the attached straps through one of these slits and create a big enough loop of the strap to either mount it on the handlebar of a bike, or hang it to the bottom of a plate carrier. I can’t comment on the latter use, since I do not wear PCs and have no idea how this way of carrying the pouch would be affected by it swinging around.

Making use of the laser-cut slits – small loop to hang on a PC

Nevertheless these are quite the interesting and cool details and to be perfectly honest, I had to ask the guys about this, because I was not able to figure it out.


Husar uses high quality materials and the construction is always solid as far as I can tell. Stress points are reinforced with bartack stitches, the seams are tightly placed and straight. The inside seams are nicely covered with seamtape, giving the pouch a nice clean and overall slick look.

This clean look is complemented by small details: for example the rounded edges on the velcro area.

Clean and high grade manufacrture with high quality materials

Since these are not mass produced and all from a small company, you will find the occasional piece of thread sticking out, but that is being dealt with within a second using a lighter or a knife.
The self-sealing zippers are a nice feature, but the excess parts on the interior could have been cut shorter, so they don’t stand in the way.
These are minor issues that only a picky observer like me can come up with. The real life user, won’t care.

In Use

I only used the Husar Cubby+ as a waist bag and not as an admin pouch on a plate carrier, since I am not the door kicking type. For that particular use the Cubby+ served me very well. It rides close and firm to the body, is still small enough to be easily concealed by a larger jacket, while giving you the option to carry your basic EDC. If you do not overpack it, it will be even slimmer.

The Cubby+ with some random essentials put in it

Since the self-sealing zipper of the front compartment is more difficult to open, I would prefer to have pull tabs on the side, to have a counterforce when pulling the zipper open.
The elastic loops are not only useful when transporting chemlights or glasses, they are also a nice option to tuck away the zipper pulls of the compartments.

Note how the zipper puls can be tucked away

If you carry items with you that are not fixed in the pouch and are on the bottom, you have to be careful not to open the main compartment completely. On some occasions I had items falling out because of that. My fault, not the Cubby+’s. In any case Husar could consider not doing the zipper that far to the bottom, especially considering the fact that the elastic webbing is stopping the pouch from fully opening anyway.


Having in mind one of the first prototypes of the Cubby, it is amazing to see how this pouch evolved over the years. Husar Ltd did a great job improving the pouch, also by offering different sizes and variants.

Giving its organisational and carrying options, it is definitely a pouch worth considering checking out, if you are in need of a MOLLE compatible admin pouch.

The Cubby+ with some content that fits in without issues

The manufacture is clean and what you expect from a custom shop. With that in mind you also have to wait a bit longer since Husar Ltd is a small company and not a huge one with an industrial scale production. Having said that, I hope I was able to give you a closer look at the Husar Ltd Cubby+. Thank you for reading and also much thanks to the guys from Husar to give me the opportunity to give you this review.

Take care!

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