Review: Tasmanian Tiger’s Modular Camera inserts


This year Tasmanian Tiger released two very interesting velcro based camera accessories. On the one hand the TT Modular Digi Cam VL Insert, and on the other the TT Modular Lens Bag VL Insert M. I have both of them in use for several months now and am now able to give you my personal point of view on them.

TT Modular Lens Bag VL Insert M


  • HxWxD: 17cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Fabric: 700D Cordura


The Modular Lens Bag is a nearly cylindrical shaped pouch with an attached and quite large velcro panel. The panel measures 10cm x 24cm. As a result, you have a strong attachment surface to use in a backpack or bag. A small webbing strap at the bottom helps with the detaching, if needed.

The Modular Lens Bag VL Insert M

Large velcro area to the back with additional velcro to cover it up

small strap to help detach the velcro

The pouch itself is heavily padded and features enough room for camera lenses with a diameter up to 85 mm and a length up to 135 mm. On the inner front and backside of the pouch is loop velcro. This, in combination with a separate velcro based strap, gives you the opportunity to adjust the inside to the measurements of your lens.

heavy padding for a thorough protection

velcro strap to vary size of compartment (same lens as in previous pic)

The pouch can be closed with a zipper. On the top lid you will find a red strap which can be used to keep the lid open, using the velcro surfaces. When not in use, the same velcro surface tugs the strap down neatly.

velcro area to secure the strap

Red strap used to keep lid open

Zipper and red strap

TT Modular Digi Cam VL Insert


  • HxWxD: 19cm x 11cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Fabric: 700D Cordura


The Modular Digi Cam Insert consists of several parts which are interconnected by velcro. Completely laid out flat it looks like a cross. Depending on the size of your camera, digital or system (but without battery grips), you can wrap the padded Cordura fabric around the camera.

The Digi Cam insert laid out completely open

The horizontal elements adjust to the width of your camera lens. The lower vertical element to the length of your lense and the top, which acts as a flap, is covering the body of your camera.

Closing the sides to adjust for lens width

Closing bottom flap to adjust for lens length

The strap on the flap is detachable using velcro and can be interchanged with a buckle based strap. So depending on your needs or preferences, you can close the insert just with velcro, or go with a less noisier buckle option.

Top lid closed, showing the velcro strap with red loop, next to it the buckle solution

Closer look at the buckle. Easily attached using velcro

Just like the lens pouch, the insert is attached to a large velcro surface, which holds the pouch in any velcro lined bag or pack. The small webbing strap for detaching the pouch is included here as well.



With both inserts there is no room to complain. Tasmanian Tiger has one of the highest quality controls I am aware of. Both materials and workmanship are top notch. I think the pictures in this review speak for themselves.

In Use

The modular lens bag is very often in use with me. Be it for transport or storage, it is a trusted item, carrying my lenses. The option to vary the inside for different lens lengths is simple, but effective. If you do not want to use the large velcro surface you actually don’t have to. Tasmanian Tiger ships the pouch with an additional loop velcro. So you have the option to cover the hook velcro and just drop the pouch in your bag as it is. This is a nice option if you are quickly changing between bags/packs and don’t want to fight against aggressive velcro all the time.

The two inserts in use

The TT Digi Cam Insert sees less use, to be honest. While doing a wonderful job in holding the camera in place where you want it to be, it is not fully covering the camera, which bothers me. Depending on the size of your camera, the flap does not cover the whole body, thus leaving some buttons and switches of the camera exposed. Especially when you are carrying more than just your camera equipment, this might create problems.

Digi Cam Insert with my DSLR in it, flap open

Flap closed – very good fit, but sides exposed.

Furthermore, when using shorter lenses you have dead space which you can’t get rid off, even when adjusting the various velcro parts.

Contrary to the lens pouch, the TT Digi Cam Insert, is not supplied with an additional loop velcro area to cover the hook velcro. So you can only use it in an attached fashion. Otherwise you collect lots of dirt.


With the TT Modular Digi Cam VL Insert and the TT Modular Lens Bag VL Insert M, Tasmanian Tiger is offering two accessories which surely will be put to good use in the tactical and also civilian world. Even though the photography market is flooded with more accessories than the tactical world, I know of several LEOs who welcomed these accessories and thought of them as way overdue.

Personally I am very satisfied with the level of manufacture and the thought that went into these products. With that being said, I want to thank Tasmanian Tiger for making this review possible.

Many thanks to you for reading! I hope I was able to give you a decent insight into both inserts.

Take Care.


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