Introduction Some of the following pictures are already known from my social media accounts, but I did not put them in a proper review by now. During my last trip to Carinthia I took the time and made some pictures of both PenCott Metropolis and SloCam in a rocky, alpine environment. The reason behind this […]

If Pine Survey is notorious of something in this huge universe of review blogs it is camouflage reviews. Those reports of mine are still among those with the highest hit count and if I get asked something via PM or mail it is about camouflage with a 75% chance.

With that being said I want to present you yet another small contribution to the list of camouflage evaluations. I have introduced SloCam to you guys before in 1-2 reviews. Those were done with a sole cloth of fabric, which is nice to get an first impression of the pattern itself, but it only tells half of the story.

After speaking with my friends at UF PRO, they were kind enough to field me a set of SloCam apparel. With that I was able to shoot some more pictures for you guys to give you an impression on how this camouflage pattern actually looks in the wild. This will only be a small part of a coming series of reviews I am now able to do.

My little camo reviews seem to attract quite some attention and so I decided to take one of my earlier views at Slocam and translate it into English. Since that particular review was written, I had the opportunity to make some more pictures of the pattern in the forest. So this will not only be […]

Dieses Review erschien ursprünglich im November 2013 im Tacticalforum. Wie bereits an anderer Stelle schon einmal versprochen, möchte ich nun einen kleinen Blick auf das slowenische SloCam Muster werfen. Ein guter Freund und ich haben mehr als nur einmal über Multicam und seine Vor- wie auch Nachteile diskutiert. Umso überraschter waren wir dann, als wir […]

Field Test – Multicam Tropic Introduction For a very long time now, I have been asked on a regular basis to do a field test of Multicam Tropic. Easier said than done, since the pattern is actually not that easy to get in Europe and also because I cannot jump on any pattern my readers […]

  Introduction One of my last camouflage reviews was about a new German pattern called ConCamo – Confusion Camouflage. It took me some time to make additional pictures in autumn since I was quite busy, but in the last few days I was finally back home in Carinthia. As a result I had the opportunity […]

  Introduction ConCamo is a fairly new camouflage pattern which debuted on this years IWA at the booth of Leo Köhler. In a time when new camouflage patterns have a rough time, because of the oversaturated market and the end of the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, which brought the camo gold rush to an […]

In September I published a small field test on the performance of SloCam in the European forest environment. In this particular previous review I also mentioned I had taken some pictures with uniform sets in Multicam and PenCott Greenzone as well. In the following review I want to present this mentioned material as well as […]