Review: Helikon-Tex Defender Mk2 Shirt, long sleeve

The Defender Mk2 long sleeve Shirt is an update to the older Defender model and was reconfigured to fit into Helikon-Tex’ Urban line. The target group is law enforcement, security personnel and/or active people. The shirt aims to combine a functional and tactical design with enough room for movement and low profile body armor underneath. […]

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Review: Tilak Verso jacket

Tilak is one of my favorite technical apparel companies since I was introduced to them in 2015 and got one of their jackets the same year: the Tilak Loke (you can read about it here). Since the Loke is not lined, I was never able to use it through the colder seasons – which I […]

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Review: Helikon-Tex Windrunner lightweight windshirt

For several weeks now, I am using a Helikon-Tex Windrunner shirt and would like to take the opportunity to give you my impression of this very lightweight piece of gear. According to Helikon-Tex it is designed to be an outer layer for athletic activities like running, or as an additional layer over your clothes, if […]

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Fieldtest: US M81 versus PL Woodland

In previous camouflage comparisons I have focused mainly on the newest and/or dominant patterns available and those in use by „western“ militaries. At the same time I was restricted to what was at hand. As you know, I got my hands on quite a lot of camouflage patterns in the previous months so I am […]

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Review: UF PRO P-40 Tactical Shorts

Die deutsche Version kann im Tacticalforum nachgelesen werden: It is my pleasure to present to you another contribution by my dear friend Alzwolf. He took his pair of UFPRO’s P-40 Tactical Shorts out and about and gives you a quick walk through in the following review. Enjoy UF PRO P-40 Tactical Shorts Who does not […]

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Fieldtest: SloCam in the forest

If Pine Survey is notorious of something in this huge universe of review blogs it is camouflage reviews. Those reports of mine are still among those with the highest hit count and if I get asked something via PM or mail it is about camouflage with a 75% chance.

With that being said I want to present you yet another small contribution to the list of camouflage evaluations. I have introduced SloCam to you guys before in 1-2 reviews. Those were done with a sole cloth of fabric, which is nice to get an first impression of the pattern itself, but it only tells half of the story.

After speaking with my friends at UF PRO, they were kind enough to field me a set of SloCam apparel. With that I was able to shoot some more pictures for you guys to give you an impression on how this camouflage pattern actually looks in the wild. This will only be a small part of a coming series of reviews I am now able to do.

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