Enforce Tac 2022 – Solid-Ground

Enforce Tac 2022 – Solid-Ground (Norway)

One of the eye-openers of Enforce-Tac 2022 was certainly Solid-Ground from Norway. The company focuses on training and assistance tools, using virtual reality glasses as well as headsets with built in comms and camera. Let me explain:


Basic VR System

This is a training tool, which uses VR glasses to simulate training exercises, ranging from medical training, weapons handling, scenario training etc. Solid-Ground is preparing all the necessary videos for their clients needs and film them with 360° cameras. The result is not only a training video, or other kind of tutorial. As a result of the VR glasses, in combination with headphones, the user gets an immersive experience, targeting completely different areas of the brain which store and memorize training.

I tried it out myself, watching videos for first aid in everyday situations, rifle training with the HK416, evidence gathering after a raid or scenarios in CQB situations. Every video was watched once, and almost a month after seeing it and while writing these words, I can still see the videos in front of my inner eye.

This is a result of the immersive experience, which was described as “micro traumata”, as they target the same areas of the brain (I will not embarrass myself trying to remember the latin words for it). In any case the learning experience is on a completely different level.

The hardcase the Basic VR System comes in

The Basic VR System is self-sufficient and comes in a convenient hard case, with all the needed items inside. Videos are directly stored on the device, depending on the client’s wishes. Basically you can have 10 of those hard cases in your base, department or whatever and use spare time for your team to quickly rehearse or recap training.

Immediate Support Glasses (ISG)

Another product of Solid-Ground are the Immediate Support Glasses. These allow for direct contact with a support team or command in real time. The incorporated camera as well as the headset will allow the people in HQ to see and hear what the user is experiencing. This is not only interesting in scenarios like raids, when the command is watching the progress – essentially what we already know from command centers. It is more of practical use, when the operators on the ground are dealing with evidence gathering, searches, or repairs.

For example: After a raid, the officers or operators on the ground can receive guidance from evidence analysts, forensics or analysts, who can watch and identify relevant evidence. Another scenario would be a possible vehicle malfunction, which can get resolved by the driver being in direct contact with a mechanic in base, who can assess the damage or issue and offer immediate assistance.

These are very essential and no-nonsense concepts, which gathered quite the interest during the show. The question is, how many visitors realized the potential in the company’s concept of learning and assistance. Nevertheless they offered a very captivating experience at their stand during Enforce Tac.

The team (on the far upper left: ISG System)

Solid-Ground is based in Norway, but also has a German office.

More info at Solid-Ground.

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