Review: ANV Knives – M25

Review: ANV Knives – M25


The M25 is one of Acta Non Verba’s new knives of the military line. As always they did not just come up with their own approach, but worked together with a unit to address their specific needs.

Looking at the result, it is easy to say that this is yet another success story, but before one can say that, it is worth looking at the knife itself and its many features.

Thanks to the guys from ANV Knives, I am able to give you a more detailed look at this knife! So let’s start with a quick overview, before looking at the knife itself.


The Acta Non Verba (ANV) M25 is a general purpose field knife, specifically designed for an Anti-Aircraft unit of the Czech Armed Forces. It is made of Sleipner steel, features 3D Micarta handles as well as some unexpected details for map reading and weapons safety. A Kydex sheath is provided and comes with MOLLE clips to mount it either on belts or gear. With an overall length of 240mm and a weight of 145g it is a medium sized fixed blade with a full tang.

ANV Knives - M25
ANV Knives – M25


  • Total length: 240 mm
  • Blade length: 110 mm
  • Blade thickness: 3,5 mm
  • Steel: Sleipner (60 HRC)
  • Blade coating: DLC
  • Handle material: Micarta
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Sheath: Kydex

The ANV Knives – M25

All of the military models of Acta Non Verba were developed in cooperation with a Czech military unit or former military/LEO personnel of the Czech Republic. The M25 is no exception in this regard, being a project that ANV Knives did with the 25th Anti-Aircraft Regiment from Strakonice. Given the fact that this is a unit that has to be mobile in the rear to cover wider areas, the need for a more utilitarian field knife was met in the design. So rather than designing just another combat knife, Acta Non Verba came up with a bushcraft style blade that will serve the soldiers in everyday tasks, the building of posts as well as navigation.

ANV Knives - M25
ANV Knives – M25

So the M25 has several smart features that do not catch the eye immediately.

The Blade of the ANV M25

Looking at the blade of the ANV M25 one can see a slight reference to the iconic Nesmuk blade shape. Other than that is a utilitarian drop point blade with a length of 11cm, making it a useful middle sized blade, that is also legal to carry in Germany. 

Drop Point blade, Sleipner Steel

The thickness is 3,5mm and the blade features a high flat grind with beveled edges at the spine. Said spine has a slight curve and features jimping for a better grip of the thumb. It is not very aggressive, but gives enough hold to not slip during cutting tasks.

ANV Knives - M25
Jimping and Map notches on the spine

There is a choil at the end of the cutting edge, being sized to firesteels. That way you have a sharp edge with maximum contact area to create the necessary sparks for a fire.

ANV Knives - M25
Choil for fire steel

Besides that there are other notches on the spine, which I will address later on.

The Handle of the ANV M25

Just like most of the other military knives of Acta Non Verba, the M25 features a 3D machined Micarta handle. The scales are nicely contoured and fit medium to large hands perfectly. Fine grooves on the material provide a better grip. They are actually less aggressive than on the M311 Comp, which will make the knives easier to work with during longer chores.

There is a small finger guard to provide further protection. Areas for the index and the pinkie feature jimping for better grip and maneuverability.

ANV Knives - M25
Finger guard and choil

Two large hexagonal screws on each side hold the scales to the tang, allowing repairs and maintenance in the field. The knife itself is a full tang design, so you can expect the strength that comes with that.

The M25 handles well in both hammer and reverse grip, however in the reverse grip the thumb has to work around the pommel, which features another design feature which we will come to now.

Additional features of the ANV M25

The ANV M25 has more features than meets the eye at first glance. While the already mentioned choil is meant for firesteel, there are two more interesting details on the knife.

First, the pommel features not only a long lanyard hole to attach paracord and such, but also a flat screw like tool. This is meant to be able to activate/deactivate the safety of the missiles used by the 25th Anti-Aircraft Regiment from Strakonice – a nice reference to their everyday work, with a real life use.

ANV Knives - M25
Tool for AA rockets

Obviously one can also use it for basic prying, like opening bottles.

Second, the already teased notches on the spine of the M25. These are scaled to 1:25 000 maps and as a result you can use them as a measuring tool in case you have no other tool at your disposal.

The first 4 steps measure 250m on a 1:25 000 map, after that you have 1km steps. In total you can measure a length of 5km on a map, using the blade. A small hole in the pommel helps in doing so – you can fixate or mark the map using a pin, thin stick etc. and go from there.

The Sheath of the ANV M25

The M25 is accompanied by a self locking Kydex sheath that offers versatile carrying options. Included are two MOLLE Clips, already affixed to the sheath. Using some or all of the ten eyelets, various adapters can be attached, while two slits at the base allow for securing with webbing or cords for added stability on gear.

To ensure drainage of water and debris, a hole is positioned at the base of the sheath, aiding in field use or cleaning. Additionally, since both sides of the sheath are identical, users have the flexibility to attach the MOLLE adapter on their preferred side, making it usable to both left and right-handed individuals.

It’s noteworthy to mention the snug fit of the knife within the sheath. There is no rattle and one needs appropriate power to draw the knife.

Level of Manufacture

Just like with some other companies I am writing about on the blog, I have come to the point when I can keep this chapter short.

ANV Knives - M25
Level of Manufacture

ANV uses materials of the highest grade, and their machine park is one, if not the most modern in Europe. You simply won’t get a higher quality.

The ANV M25 in use

When having the M25 in hand, one is surprised about the size and weight. It feels smaller and lighter as it appears on pictures, but as soon as you start working with it, it is a pleasant surprise.

Because of the flat grind and the 3,5mm thick blade, it has a very good cutting ability. Making feather sticks for fires or beaver chewing thicker branches is no problem. The Sleipner steel keeps a good edge with the 60 HRC hardening. The handle is comfortable in hand and does not create any hot spots during longer work.

ANV Knives - M25
Feather sticks? No problem…

The DLC coating of ANV is excellent and so far I did not manage to damage it. If you remember the review of the M311 Spelter, even the spots caused by the firesteel sparks are easy to get rid off during maintenance. 

Because of the size and the various mounting options provided by the Kydex sheath, it is easy to carry the M25 either on your belt or to attach it on webbing gear, by using MOLLE clips or Tek Loks.

Here is a short video clip to give you a better idea of the ANV M25 in hand:


The Acta Non Verba M25 is yet another example that the Czech company manages to come up with usable designs that have a real life relevance. The collaboration with the 25th Anti-Aircraft Regiment from Strakonice surely paid off, resulting in yet another excellent knife.

ANV Knives - M25
ANV Knives – M25

One must not forget that knives in the military are more often used as field knives rather than in a combat role. The M25 addresses that and delivers not only an excellent bushcraft type knife, but also real life features one can use, like the scale for 1:25 000 maps or – in a very specific setting – the tool to (de-)activate the safety of the weapons system used by the AA Regiment.

The M25 proves to be a reliable cutting tool in the field, is easy to use and maintain and provides several options to either carry it on the person or gear. So those of you who are looking for an all around field knife, might consider taking a closer look at this knife.

With that being said, many thanks to ANV Knives for giving me the chance to present you the M25!

Thank you for reading!

Take care!

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