Review: Giena Tactics – Ranger Pants


This article on the Giena Tactics Ranger Pants is way overdue. Not only because I got them around the same time as the Strider Anorak last year, but also because I want to share these spectacular pants with you.

I already noticed the Commander pants during IWA 2018 because of their unique design and wanted to try out some Giena Tactics pants since then. Needless to say the guys of Giena Tactics made it happen and as a result I can give you now my own impressions after several months of use.

Giena Tactics – Ranger Pants


The Ranger Pants are designed as multi purpose outdoor and tactical pants, offering 6 pockets in total, wide belt loops (6cm), and double layer knee areas. The pants are anatomically cut, but designed in a way to fit all body types. The waist can be adjusted by velcro straps.


  • Canvas (100% Cotton) or PolyCo Ripstop (no mentions of the material mix)
  • Canadian slotted buttons, unknown zippers
  • Colours: Olive, Coyote, Tan, Black, Dark Blue, (several camouflage patterns depending on availability)

Giena Tactics – Ranger Pants


Starting from the top and working our way down:

The waist of the Ranger Pants features 8 belt loops which are 6cm wide and offer plenty of room for all kinds of belts as a result. The straps of the loops are 2cm wide, so you can expect something strong there.

Belt loops

Adding to this kind of waist adjustment, you will find a velcro strap left and right to further tighten the pants if necessary. This works so well you can also use the pants without a belt.

adjustment straps on velcro basis

The fly is closed by a canadian slotted button and a standard zipper from a company I cannot identify. It runs smooth however and I did not have any troubles so far.

Fly with Canadian slotted button and zipper

The side pockets of the Ranger Pants are wide and deep and offer a reinforced area for your EDC knives, or better said the clips of them.

Side pockets with reinforced area

Two backside pockets are both zippered and offer plenty of room for flat objects. The zipper makes the access a bit difficult, as with all zippered pockets, but this is not a big issue since the opening is large enough.

back side zippered pocket

The cargo pockets are slightly diagonally placed on the thighs and are also zippered. Both feature a flap to hide the zipper and to provide a clean, low profile look. These flaps are fixed, so you cannot fold the open. As a result the access to the pockets is not as easy as you know it from regular cargo pockets.

bellowed cargo pockets

The bellowed design of the pockets offers you plenty of room to carry any items you usually have on your person. There is no organization inside – these are simple and functional.

different look at the cargo pockets

Last but not least the knees feature reinforced areas. This is done by a double layer of the material and neither feels bulky nor looks that way.

Reinforced knee area

Inconspicuous look of the reinforced aress

Size and Fit

As with the Strider Anorak, you have plenty of sizing options with the Ranger Pants to find the right fit for you. Again I went for the 48-50, with the height of 182. The first numbers are the waist which translate to a Medium and the second number is the person’s height. Since I am actually 1,80m this leaves me with some excess material to the bottom of the pants, but all legs are different. To give you further references: Usually I wear Medium Regular pants, or Jeans size 33/32.

Freedom of movement without restrictions

The fit itself is very comfortable and allows for plenty of movement without restrictions. In a world full of stretch materials, you find only a few companies that know how to tailor pants without restricting movement. Giena Tactics is definitely one of those companies. As a result of the cut the pants also fit people of most body forms.

The velcro straps at the waist help with the fine adjustment of the waist, so there is no reason to be afraid of getting pants which are too wide.

Offering 8 belt loops with these pants really helps to keep them in place and evenly distribute the force of the belt evenly on your body. That way you won’t have to worry that the pants expose your behind, when kneeling down.


The quality of manufacture leaves no room for complaint. The seams are all straight, and you have 4 stitches per cm, 9 per inch – so a very tight stitching as you would expect from a high quality product.

neat and reinforced stitching

Stress points are reinforced with bartack stitching: The belt loops or the sides of the cargo flaps. Everything is neatly hemmed as well.

The choice for a Canadian slotted button gives the pants not only the final touch in my opinion, but also gives the user the option to repair the pants, if necessary.

In Use

The Canvas material itself is not as heavyweight as you might know it from other companies. As a result it is more comfortable to wear, but not so heavy duty for outdoor work with heavy tools. At the same time it is the perfect balance if you need pants which are not too heavy but offer protection against wear or nature in particular (thorns, bushes etc.).

As already mentioned, the cut offers freedom of movement and the reinforced area at the side pockets are holding up to my EDC knives and their aggressive clips.

The cargo pockets and their volume

The cargo pockets with their low profile design make the pants look very inconspicuous, but are actually fully operational when needed because of the bellowed pockets. Because of the fixed attachment of the flaps, the access is slightly restricted however. The price you pay for this low profile design.


As I already mentioned in the beginning I find the Ranger pants to be spectacular. Not only are they offering a unique design, but fit and feel also add up to this overall excellent impression.

In times of pants with hundreds of features which you barely use, I find the KISS principle a welcome change. Adding to that is the option to get the pants in Canvas material – something only a few brands offer. Canvas not only gives you a decent protection with the comfort of Cotton, it also has the habit of getting a nice worn stonewashed type of look over time.

The “bang for the buck” factor is strong with these pants and those in search for something different will surely not be disappointed.

With that being said I want to thank the guys from Giena Tactics for giving me the opportunity to do this review for you!

Thank you guys for reading and your support!

Take care

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