Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT City Daypack 20

I have the pleasure of giving you another review by my dear friend and Pine Survey contributor Alzwolf. He took a closer look at the City Daypack 20 from Tasmaninan Tiger – enjoy!

Tasmanian Tiger – TT City Daypack 20


Welcome to a new review. While we had the opportunity to look at Tasmanian Tiger’s Modular Hip Bag the last time, I am very happy to present you their City Daypack 20. Many thanks to them for making the product available.


The idea behind this backpack is to carry your tactical equipment and weapons with you as inconspicuously as possible in everyday life. For this reason, Tasmanian Tiger chose the Tatonka company logo for this model. For those who do not know: Tasmanian Tiger is the military/law enforcement equipment division of the outdoor brand Tatonka. The backpack has a simple design so that the user does not attract attention with his official or tactical equipment. The following applies here: camouflage and deceive. With the Daypack 20, the user should be able to move in public, whether in the subway, train, bus or in urban areas in stealth mode.


  • H x W x D: 49 x 28 x 16 cm
  • Volume: 20 l
  • Weight: 970 g
  • Back system: Thermo Mold System (TT)
  • Material: Textreme 6.6, Tec Rip 5.0, YKK zippers, WJ buckles
  • Color: titanium gray

Tasmanian Tiger City Daypack 20

Build up

The number 20 stands for the volume of the backpack, i.e. 20 liters of equipment fit in the Daypack 20. It is made of Textreme 6.6 and Tec Rip 5.0, has two elastic pockets on the outside, which are designed to stow water bottles or other items within easy reach. MOLLE or PALS loops were not attached to the outside of this backpack. There is also no velcro surface for patches or the like.

Elastic pockets on the outside for drinking bottles, gloves, etc.

There is a 2.5 cm wide, adjustable and removable waist belt. The backpack is also equipped with a 2 cm wide removable sternum strap.

The waist belt is adjustable and can also be removed.

The adjustable sternum strap in height and length. This can also be arranged.

There is a 2 cm wide compression strap to the left and right of the backpack. At the top of the backpack there is a very stable and easy-to-grip handle and a passage for a drinking tube, cable or antenna.

Compression straps on each side.

Sturdy handle and passage for drinking tube, cable, antenna etc.

The s-shaped ergonomic shoulder straps are padded with mesh and are adjustable. As a result, the Daypack 20 is easy to carry when loaded. There is a D-Ring on each side of the shoulder straps. The Tasmanian Tiger company logo is attached to one of the shoulder straps.

The padded S-shaped shoulder strap with D-Ring and TT Logo.

The back padding is made with the new Thermo Mold System. This is a soft composite that is equipped with an air duct. This makes it easier to carry the Daypack 20 for longer hours and it was comfortable to wear even at high temperatures.

Thermo Mold System on the back side.

Two sturdy and lockable YKK zippers run around the backpack. The zipper pulls of the weapon compartment are extended and thus provide an easy handling. The main compartment can be opened via a sturdy YKK zipper with interlocking sliders. These can also be locked with a small padlock. In the lower area there is a loop to pull the backpack forward.

As always, Tasmanian Tiger uses high quality YKK zippers. These are lockable.

The loop at the bottom of the daypack to pull it forward.

So, let’s take a closer look at the inner workings of the daypack.

Admin area

At the front in the upper area there is a compartment closed with a standard, one-way zipper. This compartment houses the daypack’s administrative area. Inside there is a closed pocket as well as a mesh pocket and a pen holder. The compartment goes very far down to 37 cm and allows other things to be stowed there.

Administration is also a must. What else?

First tactical feature: concealed front compartment

In the lower area there is a concealed front compartment which is also intended as an ID compartment for authority’s identification. If you need a quick access, you can fold the lid of the lower compartment inwards and fasten it with velcro. This leaves the lower area open for open use.  Visible markings can be attached to the laser-cut MOLLE velcro. Instead of markings, equipment can also be attached using velcro or the laser-cut MOLLE loops.With the attached strap, the attachment can be loosened and the marking / equipment is covered again.

Open the two-way zipper and fold the lid inwards. You can clearly see a Velcro strip on the inside of the lid.

The lid is folded inwards and the Velcro strip is fixed there.

For dismantling, simply pull on the strap and the lid comes off.

Pull the strap

Quickly locked and it goes on.

Main compartment

Let’s move on to the main compartment. This is equipped with a YKK two-way zipper and can be opened very wide.

Padded divider featuring velcro strips.

In the main compartment is a padded divider. This is attached to the interior of the daypack with velcro and can be removed at any time to increase the storage space to 18 litres. Larger objects with more depth have more space then. Removal and dismantling can be done in a few simple steps.

The divider can easily be removed as it is attached with Velcro on the inside.

By removing the divider, the volume of the main compartment increases to 18 litres.

Four horizontally running velcro strips (4 cm x 22 cm wide) are attached to the dividing compartment. This allows the user to attach additional pouches or objects using velcro so that they are easily accessible.

Simple and variable attachment thanks to velcro.

The entire interior of the Daypack 20 is made of a bright-coloured fabric so that you can see and use your equipment even in poor lighting conditions.

Second tactical feature: the weapons compartment

If we go a step further, we come to the weapons compartment, which is behind the main compartment. The two-way zipper at the back, which extends to the floor and can be locked, allows the user to open the Daypack 20 completely.

Access to weapons at the rear.

On the side facing the back there is a 20 cm x 37 cm laser-cut MOLLE velcro field. If necessary, a compact ranged weapon or submachine gun such as e.g. HK MP5 or HK MP 7 plus accessories can be fitted in there.

A very large laser-cut MOLLE velcro surface for the variable attachment of the equipment.

Laptops, tablets and radios also find room in it. The padded back wall of the main compartment and the Thermo Mold System protects the vulnerable equipment. 


As always with Tasmanian Tiger, the quality of manufacture leaves no room for criticism. The pack is well made: stress points are reinforced by bartack stitching, the materials used are high quality and as usually, I did not find any threads hanging loose when I got the pack. Up until now it also held up greatly and I do not see any wear or tear. In that sense Tasmanian Tiger was always able to deliver a excellent level of quality. All the zippers are by YKK and can be locked if necessary. The plastic hardware is by WooJin. The Daypack uses Tec Rip 5.0 and the Thermo Mold System.

In Use

So far I have used the pack on several trips and journeys and was always satisfied with its performance. All operational resources and objects could be carried along without being noticed. The carrying comfort of the backpack, the equipment and the design are very pleasant.

It is only noticeable if the admin compartment is completely filled, then the cover of the concealed front compartment cannot be folded inwards. Accordingly, one should pay attention and plan well what should be stowed where in the Daypack 20 during use.

Inconspicuous in use and in urban areas


The ultra-light Daypack 20 is practical and inconspicuous. This one has all tactical features so as not to attract attention. This was exactly the aim of Tasmanian Tiger and also fulfilled the requirements of the authorities in the CCW area. For me it is a pleasant feeling to wear my equipment inconspicuously in a civilian design and allowing me to have quick access to the items I might need at any time.

On the way to the next review.

I hope I was able to give you a decent insight about the pack. Thank you for reading and as always big Thanks to Tasmanian Tiger who made it possible for me to give you this review!

Take care

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