Review: The Gear Saddlery – Leather Belt with Austri Alpin Cobra Buckle

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From time to time I am in need of something more extravagant to let my inner tactical hipster loose. Insofar some of you might not be surprised because of the following review.

The concept of the riggerbelt is commonly known and worn on a daily basis. Personally I have no use for one, but I am also not questioning its very existence. Nevertheless I wanted a belt with a Cobra Buckle from AustriAlpin and since I do prefer leather belts, it was clear for me what the next logical step would be:

A leather belt with Cobra buckles.

Enter The Gear Saddlery
So I wrote to my trusted saddler and told her – as the newbie I am – very vaguely what I had in mind. Kerstin was very quick in asking clear questions to get an idea what I was looking for and we agreed very quickly on the different features.

Color, material, width and length were noted and the most difficult time for me began – the waiting. Fortunately Kerstin had the necessary leather in stock, which I specifically asked for and after organising the Cobra Buckles, everything went forward quite fast. At IWA I could pick the belt up already.


The belt
The belt is made out of black colored cow leather and was perfectly doubled by Kerstin. The stiching gives the belt an exqusite look and keeps everything at its place at the same time.

A closer look at the stitching

The female part of the Cobra buckle is sewed in permanently with a diamond stitch while the male part is detachable through the glide of the buckle.

Fixed part of the belt

The glide of the buckle and the adjustable part of the belt

And this is necessary to get the belt through the beltloops of my pants. The removing of the buckle is no problem though, since Kerstin thinned out the part of the buckle which runs through the glide and strenghtened it with a special fabric against any kind of abrasion.

Velcro adjustment

The length of the belt can be adjusted nicely and the loose part can be fixed via velcro on the side.

To write something about the manufacture could be considered a sin. Kerstin has years of experience in product development, saddlery, and sewing. Everyone who owns pieces of equipment made by her knows what I mean and that they are good to go. Insofar I just told her „do it“ and laid back knowing she could deliver. The result is more than presentable. Everything is done nicely, the stiching is neat and everything is thought through. Pictures will do the belt more justice  than words.

The obligatory model shot

With this being said, I will keep this review short. Kerstin opened the box of Pandorra at my end – from now on she will have to listen to my custom wishes on a regular basis.

Thank you for reading – Tactical Hipster… over and out.

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