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It has been several months now that I have been using the P-40 Urban Pants by UF PRO, and I think it is way over due to give you my impressions on these amazing pants. The Urban Pants follow the popular design of the P-40 pants, but without the cargo pockets while offering new features at the same time. The goal was to offer a more civilian looking pair of trousers, without the dead giveaways of “tactical” pants. Before we take a closer look if UF PRO managed to pull that off, let’s take a look at the specs and have a short overview for those of you who are in a hurry.


The P-40 Urban Pants are a low profile design, featuring Schoeller stretch elements for comfort and ease of movement. The pants feature two regular hand and two zippered back pockets, two Smartphone/GPS/etc pockets with a tuck in feature to hold the devices. Other features include a hidden safety pocket, D-rings, and the option to insert knee protectors. Stress points are reinforced with Cordura and the pants are able to be adjusted to the seasons of the year – either by using the airflow zippers on the sides (also somewhat pocket like) or by adding an optional windstopper liner.


  • 67/33 PolyCo
  • Schoeller®-dynamic, 80% Polyamide, 10% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • 100% CORDURA® fabric

Features of the P-40 Urban Pants

Starting from the top, the waistband features four massive belt loops which fit close to 6 cm wide belts. You are restricted to smaller ones however, if you want to make use of the massive 5th loop that is on the 6 o’clock position of the waistband. This only fits 5+ cm belts.

Waistband of the UF PRO P-40 Urban pants

Coming back to the belt loops. These are sewn on in a way that gives you a smaller loop on the bottom, to attach lanyards.

Backside of the P-40 Urban Pants

The backside is also curved upwards to make sure you do not expose yourself when bending forward. On the left and right it features an elastic band to give you a comfortable tight fit. Theoretically speaking you would be able to wear these pants without a belt.
The pants close with a Canadian slotted button, that is supported by a hook closure. The zipper for the fly is two way, to give you the option to open it from the bottom, in case you are wearing a war- or duty belt.

The front belt loop to the right has a D-Ring attached to it, to give the user the option to mount your keys and other similar items.

Front and side pockets

This brings us to the pockets. Two in the front, two in the back. All of them are comfortable deep. The ones in the front are reinforced with Cordura fabric on the sides, in order to be able to clip in your knife without destroying the pants immediately. The front pocket on the left features an additional secret stash away pocket, with a hidden zipper. The back pockets are zippered and also reinforced with Cordura fabric.

Tuck in feature pockets

On both sides you will find slip pockets with a tuck in feature. Meaning that on the one hand they are open, but on the other hand also manufactured in a way that they will hold your gear.
This is being done by giving the pockets a shape that gets tighter to the bottom and also incorporating the Schoeller stretch fabric, which is used by UF PRO in other areas of the pant. As a result, everything you put in is being retained by the narrowing fabric tube.

Zippered front pockets for ventilation

To the front of the pants you will have zippered compartments that look like pockets, but are none in fact. You can use them as pockets if you want to, but in the end, these are meant for ventilation. The compartments go directly to the inside of the pants and are fitted with with mesh material. These work like the Striker HT combat pants of UF PRO. You open up the zippers and create a ventilation effect in warm/hot situations. As a result the comfort of wearing the P-40 Urban Pants increases immensely in Summer.

The lower half of the pants with the Schoeller Stretch fabric, the normal fabric and the Cordura reinforcements

Speaking of comfort. As with all pants of UF PRO, you will find Schoeller Stretch fabric on different areas of the pants to increase ease of movement, as well as comfort. One area is directly under the waist belt, the other starts from the rear side and goes down to the hollow of the knee.

Contoured knee

The front side of the knee is contoured to fit the human shape of the leg. On the inside you will also find a mesh compartment, which gives you the option to insert knee protectors, if you need some.

Cordura reinforcement on the bottom of the pants

Last but not least, the pants do not feature any shock cord at the bottom cuffs of the pants. The pants are designed to fall freely over your shoes. However, you will find a Cordura reinforcement on the backside of the bottom, in order to prevent them from wearing out too soon.


I think by now it is a well established fact that UF PRO is producing on a very high level of quality. The P-40 Urban Pants are no exception. The materials used and the manufacture itself are without a doubt outstanding. All seams are neat and tidy. Stress areas are reinforced either by stronger stitching or by Cordura fabric.

The moment you get the pants into your hands you will know, these are built to last.

In use – fit and feel

After several months of use in all kinds of environments, I can confidently say that these pants have become one of my favorite models. Fit and feel is outstanding. I got the regular size I usually wear with jeans and the P-40 Urban Pants fit.

Ease of movement thanks to cut and materials

As a result of the stretch fabric on the backside, as well as on the waistband, these are just as comfortable as your training pants. As a result I wore them as often as I could, when I did not had to wear my every day “business uniform”.
Ease of movement is guaranteed, the pockets are well thought through and I really appreciate the two pockets with the tuck in feature. These are ideal of etuis, and other cases.

On a more trivial and practical side: Sometimes, when putting them on, I am getting caught in the area, where the stretch fabric connects with the regular fabric. This is not an issue, just a strange observation from my side and simply comes with that particular feature.

By now the pants accompanied me to a windy London at 0°C and below in January, to the Carinthian countryside all along the year, and also during the crazy summer in Vienna.

I can confidently say these are allrounders and the options to zip in a windstopper insert (which I did not do), or just open the zippers on the side for more ventilation, make these pants extremely versatile.

When it comes to their “urban” and “civilian” look, I have to mention, that I heard different opinions. They are easily identifiable as “outdoor” pants, but they certainly do not look military like. It also depends on the colours. While the Coyote Brown version (which is more like khaki/tan) is a little bit more obvious, the Kangaroo colour is amazing ( I cannot speak for black, since I did not see them live). When I met up with my dear friend Alzwolf, I thought that he was wearing everyday Chino pants several times. From the distance, these pants blend easily into the urban jungle.

Colour “Kangaroo” in an urban setting

The only thing I could really do without is the two way zipper in the crotch. These are extremely handy, when you wear a duty-belt and the like, but since this should not be the case with these pants (at least concept wise) there is simply no need for it. My issue is the simple fact, that you lose at least 1 cm of the zipper which you could make use of when you really need to open your pants to do what you need to do. Long story short – the pants could use a longer zipper.

What I have also witnessed is minimal shrinking due to the washing. I do wash my pants as described, and I found that it is necessary to pull them straight afterwards, to work against the seams, which seem to tighten up.


With the P-40 Urban Pants, UF PRO took away the last arguments from people like me to not get their pants. Since I am not a huge fan of cargo pants, I never really got myself some, but now I have no more excuses.

The Urban Pants are not only crazy comfortable, they are also extremely versatile and accompanied me to all kinds of trips by now. Be it the city, the woods and everything in between. If you are not a fan of cargo pants, but need some pants with a decent cut, and the features of outdoor/tactical pants like stretch material, knee protection etc. then you should definitely take a closer look at these pants.

Especially the Kangaroo colour is really a good alternative, if you do not want to go with an obvious tactical colour, but still prefer a subtle earth tone that blends with multiple environments. I would love to see UF PRO do more with this colour!

With that being said, I do hope that I was able to give you a closer look at the P-40 Urban Pants by UF PRO.

Many thanks to the guys of UF PRO for making this review possible! Thank you guys for reading!

Take care!


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