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I promised some friends at the Tacticalforum to give an update about the Direct Action Messenger Bag since I have already replaced it with a new Snatch Bag from Tasmanian Tiger/Tatonka. I have written a detailed review which you can find here and one could read my scepticism although I am still convinced that the bag is quite a deal for its price.


Because of my personal habits I found some details that bothered me.

Detail 1
I am used to the volume of my Tasmanian Tiger Snatch Bag and therefore spoiled in regard of available space. On a daily basis I carry a lot of items with me which calls for a larger bag. In an urban jungle environment I prefer a bag over a backpack, especially in summer time when it is hot.
Within the D.A. Messenger Bag I find enough place for my EDC items, but it lacks the additional space if there are some ad hoc additions like papers, goods I might have purchased etc.
The bag features some outer pouches but because of their specs it is not necessarily possible to sidestep and repack if necessary. The inside panels and pouches are in the way if you want to put something big inside. There is space, but there is always something which is stuck or caught. And if you have to repack bigger items into the outer pouches they are full within seconds and nothing else has room.
At the same time the bag becomes bulky because of the outer pouches whereas my Snatch Bag rides far nearer to the body because of its longer specs.

Here is a picture with an extreme example:

Detail 2
Main Flap:
This problem is closely connected with the above mentioned Detail 1. If the bag gets to full with fully packed pouches at the same time, the main flap starts to bother me.
The panel inside the flap (which is accessible from the front) basically becomes obsolete in such a situation.
Also the problem with the side of the flaps, which I have mentionend in the actual review, is still an issue for me. Even if the bag is not fully packed the sides do not cover the main opening of the inside compartment and need an adjustment each time you close the bag.

Detail 3
Too much organisation:
At this point my criticism is not much more than a first world problem and nagging at the highest level, but this are some aspects which might be interesting for some users nevertheless.
There are too much panels and inside pouches for organisation. I have no idea what to do with all of the slots, panels, key rings, mesh pocket etc. I am a follower of the KISS principle and I find it interesting that producers of nylon gear have the need to incorporate as much features into their products as possible.
Long story short. I have never used these features and they bothered me actually, because they were in my way when putting bigger items inside the pouches.

Detail 4
Laptop Slot:
It is meant for 13“ laptops which fit in nice and easy but as soon as you decide to transport your netbook/laptop in an additional pouch then the space gets tight. A little bit more room would be nice especially if you are using this compartment as a divider to transport papers in folders etc.

Detail 5

The buckles which are used to close the main flap are attached awkwardly. The strap which holds the male part of the buckle is sewed at the back of the bag and lead through a loop at the bottom of the bag. At the same time the female buckles are not attached at the edge of the flap but 8cm away at the first laser cut MOLLE slit.
Because of these two factors, the strap with the male buckle has to be kept long and is therefore hanging down extensivly, making it hard to catch in the process of closing the bag. It is simply put not ergonomic.


This might be criticism at the highest level but these are things that might appear foolish at first glance but start to become disturbing factors in the long term. Even though the bag is nicely made, didn‘t let me down in the rain and convinced me in terms of bang for the buck, it didn‘t grew on me.
As I received another Snatch Bag the other day I felt like a little kid, because it had everything I needed. At that point I realized that something was missing with the D.A. Messenger Bag.

That would be all for the moment – this update is longer than exspected but I think I owned it tou you since I might talked some of you into the bag.

Thank you for reading – all the best!

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