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It is my pleasure to present you another review by my dear friend and Pine Survey contributor Alzwolf. In this review he will take a closer look at “The Ankle” by Black Lion Gear.


In April 2017 I had the pleasure and honour to present an ankle holster from the Italian company Frog.Pro, the SFD Responder. And since I am one of those people who like to be curious and think outside the box, I came across “The Ankle”, took a closer look at it and decided that I would like to give you a more detailed report on it. Many thanks to the company Black Lion Gear from Krefeld, who made “The Ankle” available to me.


This compact, high-performance tactical kit is based on the ankle system, which was developed as an ankle bag in collaboration between the Swiss LMS Gear Shop and the German outdoor manufacturer Black Lion Gear to ensure that every undercover agent, EDC and outdoor enthusiast is able to carry life-saving medical equipment or other important items. Six different insert slots have been incorporated into the elastic two-way stretch material over a length of 49 cm and a maximum of 10 cm.

Thanks to the built-in velcro fastener, it can be hidden from prying eyes under jeans, trousers or suit pants in the so-called stealth mode. It helps to carry material or other operational equipment such as knives, handcuffs, pepper spray etc. There is also enough space on the velcro for various patches.


  • H x W x D: 49 cm x 10.5 cm x 0.5 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: two-way stretch and Velcro
  • Weight: 114 grams

The Ankle, easy to put on

The companies behind “The Ankle”

LMSGear “[.] stands for Last Man Standing Gear, the last man in the field thanks to sophisticated equipment. We want to address all those who value high-quality, efficient and uncomplicated equipment that want to operate inconspicuously and with foresight.Our target group includes civilian investigators, urban greyman, private military contractors, sport shooters, urban deployed soldiers or civilians who do not want to do without their EDC gear.” (Source: LMS Gear)

Black Lion Gear is a young and creative company from the German Ruhr area that specializes in the manufacture of equipment for the military and outdoor. They see it as their job to develop suitable solutions for their customers and to manufacture them in their own shop. Being close to the customer is important to them so that their products are always tailored to their needs.

The Ankle

Storage of essential equipment is a challenge for patrol officers, but also individuals working low-vis or plain-clothed operations. The Ankle allows the operator/officer to comfortably and discreetly carry a Skala S.B.T. Tourniquet on either leg, in virtually any mode of dress.

The Ankle ready for use on the ankle

The Ankle in combination with LMS Gear Tactical Denim M.U.D Jeans

Tight fit with the LMS Gear Tactical Denim M.U.D Jeans, but manageable and not as obvious as one might think.

Lightweight and comfortable, it can be worn as part of your everyday carry, whether you are a civilian, law enforcement, or military. Six processed inserts allow you to carry the most important thing on you. For wider pants in the lower leg area, a tourniquet can also be carried. A slide-in insert on both sides allows a tourniquet to be attached.

A slide-in insert on both sides allows a tourniquet to be attached

Positioning the tourniquet on the ankle allows rapid access with either hand in the event of a shooting. The design of The Ankle allows the tourniquet to be removed from the slide-in inserts within seconds with one hand, yet it is secure enough to run with and not risk the equipment from falling out of the holster.

Quick and easy access to the tourniquet

It is also designed to carry an Israeli Emergency Bandage, a pair of gloves, chest seal, etc. It can also accommodate stretch bandages, needle decompression kit or other similar items.

Patches such as blood types or ranger eyes can also be attached to the velcro area.

The slots have different opening sizes, ranging from 6.5 cm to a maximum of 10 cm to carry a wide variety of equipment, secured at the bottom with sewn in belt loops. So everything stays safely in place.

Well-arranged and set up. Everything stays in its place.

The 49 cm long ankle holster is not bulky, yet tight-fitting and adjustable thanks to built-in velcro. Nevertheless, it is comfortable to wear thanks to 2-way stretch.

Tight fitting and easily adjustable.


I like to carry my IFAK with mainly me on person. Of course, it shouldn’t be noticed and make others aware of it. The Ankle offers a very good alternative to run an IFAK with me, whether on business or privately.I have worn it for several weeks now, whether under the LMS Gear The M.U.D Denim jeans, UFPRO P40 Urban pants and even at an event under the suit pants.

In my opinion, the European cooperation between LMS Gear and Black Lion Gear has resulted in a very great and usable product. Compared to other top products, I prefer “The Ankle” because it convinced me completely. Not only because it is a German product, but also for its KISS principle and the variety of usable slots.

With that being said, thank you for your attention und thanks to Black Lion Gear for making the product available.

Take care!

The Ankle with my IFAK in stealth mode.

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