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The TacVec product line-up of Tasmanian Tiger features several products specifically designed for vehicle born activities. The TT Support Bag is no exception and offers the user a variety of uses. I was able to get my hands on one and want to take a closer look at this little bag. With that being said, let’s start with the usual overview and the specs for those in a hurry.


The TT Support Bag is a 9l volume bag with detachable shoulder straps and front flap. It can be either carried as a messenger bag, or with the help of two carrying handles as a simple bag. It features a zippered main compartment with laser cut MOLLE loop velcro lining and three simple slip pockets.

On the frontside you will find a zippered compartment as well as a laser cut MOLLE panel. The sides feature narrow slip pockets and elastic webbing to conceal the buckles of the shoulder strap. On the backside you will find another zippered compartment, as well as a velcro compartment, which also serves as an attachment point for the detachable flap. This flap can be either closed by buckles or hooks – depending on the user’s choice.


  • HxWxL: 35cm x 10cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 730g
  • Volume: 9l
  • Materials: 700den Cordura, 700den TPU Cordura laminate

The Tac Vec Series – TT Support Bag

Frontside of the TT Support Bag

To the front of the TT Support Bag you will find 8 channels with 4 rows of laser cut MOLLE. The slits are generously cut, so you will have no issues in lacing through any kind of webbing or accessoires. It is worth mentioning that the front is made of 700den TPU Cordura laminate. It also features two small drain holes in the corners, to get rid of anything that makes it way behind the laser cut panel.

Frontside of the TT Support Bag

Above said panel you will find a zippered compartment, offering room for flat objects like documents, notes, etc.

Zippered Compartment to the front

The velcro panel which also holds down one of the handles

Adding to that the frontside also features a strip of loop velcro to attach identification, morale patches, name tabs or insignia. It also holds one of the drag handles in place (one of the two can be tied down that way).

Main Compartment of the TT Support Bag

The opening of the bag is not in the middle of the bag, but more to the front. The zipper covers the top and a quarter of the sides. That way items can be stored more safely, but access is a bit more limited. Be it as it may, the main compartment features several options to optimize the way the user carries his/her items.

The main compartment, showing the three slip pockets to the front

To the frontside of the inner compartment you will find three slip pockets made of lightweight nylon material. These are good enough to provide basic organization or hold larger items in place.

Laser cut Velcro MOLLE in the back of the main compartment

The backside of the main compartment features laser cut MOLLE, made of hook velcro. Basically you will find three strips of these, with 2 channels each, and 8 rows. In theory the user might have 6 channels in total, but given the gaps in between the three strips, I am counting them separately.

In any case these will hold any MOLLE or Velcro based accessoires, like holsters, mag pouches etc. Last but not least. The main compartment is fitted with a light padding to secure the content from blows.

Backside of the TT Support Bag

The backside of the TT Support Bag holds yet another zippered compartment. Just like the one at the front, it is meant for flat items.

Backside of the TT Support Bag

On top of this compartment you will find another design feature, which offers two functions, depending on your use:

  • One would be to hold the detachable flap (made of 700den TPU Cordura laminate) in place. The flap is attached by velcro and can be fixed with the correlating velcro which can be found on the backside.
  • This brings us to the other feature: the same velcro closes/opens another compartment, which is suitable for flat items. So if you detach the flap, you gain another storage option. Of course you can also use it with the flap attached, but access is a bit harder then. Nevertheless I find this to be a clever design solution.

Other than that you will also find a generous grabbing handle to the back.

The other compartment in the back, closed with velcro

The same compartment, with the attached flap

The flap detached

Additional features

The TT Support Bag features a simple shoulder strap, made of 1,5”/4cm webbing. It attaches to the bag through strong WoJinn buckles. Two loops of elastic webbing let you take care of excess webbing material. While the strap holds the male parts of the buckles, both female parts are attached to the Support Bag.

The TT Support Bag and the scope of delivery: shoulder strap and additional opening systems for the flap

If not in use, the female buckles can be hidden/secured behind elastic webbing which is directly attached underneath their attachment points. Fold them back, tuck them in, done. So in case you use the TT Support Bag as a regular hand carry bag, the buckles won’t move around.

The female buckles tucked in

Underneath the buckles you will also find one flat slip pocket on each side. These are rather small and offer limited access and room because of their placement and a lack of expansion. In one of the corners these slip pockets feature drain holes.

Slip pockets on each side

Drain holes on the slip pockets

Another thing worth mentioning would be the option to individualize the way to open the flap. The user can choose either metal hooks or WooJin buckles. Both are within the scope of delivery and are easy to change, using velcro loops and the laser cut MOLLE.

The front flap closed, showing both options to fix it


It always feels pointless to have this sub-chapter with Tasmanian Tiger, since there is rarely something to criticize when it comes to workmanship and quality control. The TT Support Bag is no exception.

Closer look at materials and manufacture

The materials used are high quality, ranging from original Cordura to WooJin buckles and YKK zippers. Needless to say, the manufacture is high quality as well. Straight and tight seems, no loose threads or factory mishaps. Tasmanian Tiger runs a tight ship in that regard.

What is worth mentioning: The TPU Cordura laminate is prone to show dirt and easily picks up dirt as you can see in the picture. It also wipes down easily.

In Use

When used as a messenger bag, one has to keep in mind the small size and 9l volume of the bag. Having that in mind it is big enough to carry essentials and provide an inconspicuous look, given its slick design.

Especially with the flap attached and the MOLLE hidden, the TT Support Bag has actually quite the nostalgic, old school look of a satchel to it. The look and feel of the TPU Cordura laminate further enhances this perception. The interior leaves plenty of room for organisation as well as different choices to use the bag.

Used as a “support bag” in the strictest of senses, you will find enough room to carry ammunition, medic supplies or other mission critical items in it. The size is ideal to store it underneath or in between seats. When doing so, it is worth investing in an optional padded shoulder pad. The heavier the bag is loaded, the more one will curse the simple 1,5”/4cm shoulder strap.

Fully loaded

If you have no use for the flap and want to use both grab handles, it takes only a few seconds to detach and organize it the way you need. Without the flap and the shoulder straps, the TT Support Bag quickly becomes an oversized Claymore style bag.

Personally I use the bag as a small range bag, or to store my knives in it. Given its size it is easy to stow away and serve different purposes.


The TT Support Bag is somewhat of a hidden talent. Small in size and inconspicuous looking, it gets overlooked easily. But when push comes to shove it has the potential to serve as a valuable backup, providing plenty of options to store and carry additional essentials. Be it as a range bag, ammo bag or simple messenger bag, the TT Support Bag does not disappoint.

With that being said I hope I was able to give you a decent look at this particular product of Tasmanian Tiger. Many thanks to them for providing it and to make this review possible.

Take Care!

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