Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Modular Sling Pack 20

I have the pleasure to present you another in-depth review by my dear friend and Pine Survey contributor Alzwolf. He took the time to take a closer loo at Tasmanian Tiger’s TT Modular Sling Pack 20. Enjoy!



Today I am introducing a new piece from Tasmanian Tiger Gear. It is a tactically styled sling bag for carrying concealed weapons and other equipment that is to be used in action. We were able to introduce you to its little and inconspicuous civilian brother in April 2017. Now it is time to look at the newer and bigger version of it: the TT Modular Sling Pack 20.

My thanks to Tasmanian Tiger for providing this product!


The backpack, which can be carried diagonally over the back, has a simple low profile design with its 20 litre capacity and is the ideal size so that the user can carry it with his official, tactical or medical equipment. This can be done inconspicuously and modularly in emergency situations, when the user is able to quickly access it. Due to its compact and narrow size, the backpack fits in wherever there is little space, e.g. in emergency vehicles, helicopters etc.


  • H x W x D: 50 x 24 x 13 cm
  • Volume: 20 l
  • Weight: 980 g
  • Back system: Padded Back System (TT)
  • Material: CORDURA® 700D, IRR version made of CORDURA® 500D
  • Colours: black, olive, coyote brown, IRR stone grey-olive


Outside Features of the TT Modular Sling Pack 20

The Modular Sling Pack is made from CORDURA® 700D and has a volume of 20 litres.On the left and right side there are 16 laser-cut MOLLE loops and on the front there are another 8 laser-cut MOLLE loops. This enables the user to expand the backpack with equipment accordingly.

Laser cut Molle left and right…


At the top and bottom of the backpack there is a fairly stable and easy-to-grip handle, which allows the backpack to be carried as a simple bag and to be taken from a vehicle quickly. The lower handle is used to pull the sling pack forward for quick access to the concealed weapon or equipment.

The handle at the bottom of the daypack to pull it forward.

Well-made handle above and below. Above you can see the passage for a drinking tube, cables, antennas etc.

At the top of the sling pack there is a central opening for a drinking tube, cables or an antenna.

Shoulder Strap

The sling pack can be carried on the left or right with a diagonal shoulder strap. The diagonal shoulder strap in the middle can be easily looped out at the bottom and attached to the other side.

To use the TT Modular Sling Pack 20 as a bag or to store it in a vehicle, the shoulder strap can be stowed away in a separate compartment on the back.

There are four laser-cut MOLLE loops directly on the shoulder strap. The user can attach additional equipment there.

The diagonal shoulder strap. The carrying side can be adjusted to the left or right.

The spacious compartment for stowing away the shoulder strap.

Insert the shoulder strap and then close it again. Thanks to the velcro fastener on the shoulder strap, the backside is completely closed.

The rest of the belt can be stowed away in the lower area.

Everything stowed away well and safely. Nothing is hanging out and the bag has a very compact shape.

Laser-cut MOLLE for attaching equipment.

Front Compartments

In the front area of ​​the TT Modular Sling Pack 20, there are two compartments at the top and bottom. Both compartments have a velcro surface for attaching patches on the outside. Inside the upper compartment there is a mesh pocket as well as 2 rows of flexi tapes and a D-ring. The lower compartment has a number of flexi straps.

The user can easily access these two front compartments by means of a two-way zipper.

Between the front pockets and behind the MOLLE laser-cut area on the front there is a small compartment, which is provided with a one-way zipper on the outside. The user can stow away gloves, medic cards or city map in it.

The top compartment.

The bottom compartment.

The small compartment.

Main Compartment

The main compartment can be opened completely in a U-shape using a two-way zipper. The front flap has three mesh pockets, which can be opened with a one-way zipper. Thanks to the mesh design, the contents of the pockets are visible, which is advantageous for quick access.

The main compartment inside is equipped with laser-cut MOLLE velcro on the back and on the side walls. This allows the user several options to attach his equipment. An attachment for a hydration bladder is also attached.

Another compartment is hidden behind the MOLLE Velcro on one side wall.

U-shaped and very wide opening. The laser-cut MOLLE and the generous use of velcro can be clearly seen.

The mesh pockets are big enough for additional gear. The content is easy to see.

There is an attachment for a hydration bladder.

Hidden compartment behind the Velcro, long items can be stowed in it very well.

Compact weapons and equipment can be stowed away and transported concealed.

Thanks to the laser-cut MOLLE and the large velcro surface, various bags can be attached.


A large compartment is hidden on the back, which can be opened with a two-way zipper. A weapon can be concealed and carried ready for use in the back compartment.Four 4 cm wide fluffy velcro strips are incorporated into the compartment, which allow you to attach your weapon to it with a holster using Velcro.

The hidden compartment on the back side.

Thanks to the velcro, optionally available bags and holsters can be attached.

Additional Accessories

Tasmanian Tiger adds a package of paracord in red and yellow. The zippers on the TT Modular Sling Pack 20 can be individually marked in the three colours using these cords. The user can thus identify where he has stowed what and can access it more quickly. Red for medical items for example.

Additional and bright colourd paracord


As always, and not surprisingly, the quality of manufacture leaves no room for criticism. The pack is well made: stress points are reinforced by bartack stitches, the materials used are high quality and there were no threads hanging loose when I got the pack.Up until now it also held up greatly and I do not see any wear or tear. In that sense Tasmanian Tiger was always able to deliver an excellent level of quality.All the zippers are by YKK.

The plastic hardware is by WooJin. The CORDURA® 700D is used for the colours olive, black and coyote brown. The colour stone grey-olive IRR is made from CORDURA® 500D.

As always, Tasmanian Tiger uses high quality YKK zippers.

The plastic hardware is by WooJin.

In Use

So far I have used the pack on several trips and journeys and was always satisfied with its performance. All operational resources and objects could be carried along without being noticed. The carrying comfort of the backpack, the equipment and the design are very pleasant. The slim shape and the stowable shoulder strap allowed me to ideally accommodate the sling pack in the vehicle. I didn’t get stuck anywhere and had it at hand quickly. It is only noticeable however, that the weapon compartment on the back is only suitable for right-hand users.

Ready for the next adventure! Stay safe!


The TT Modular Sling Pack 20 is a successful piece, because it has all the tactical features in order not to attract attention. This was exactly the aim of Tasmanian Tiger and also fulfilled the requirements of the authorities in the area of ​​CCW. For me it was a pleasant feeling to carry my equipment inconspicuously and it allowed me quick access to the items I needed at any time.

With that being said, thank you for reading! Many thanks to Tasmanian Tiger for the support!

Take care!

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