Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Organizer Panel

Tasmanian Tiger – TT Organizer Panel


Organizing gear and EDC items is a constant challenge. The TT Organizer Panel is designed to help with exactly that topic: to complement and modify a wide range of Tasmanian Tiger backpacks (and others of course). I had the chance to look at this panel in more detail and use it over the course of the last year.

So let’s do the quick overview for those in a hurry, before jumping into the details.


The TT Organizer Panel is a multipurpose backpack accessory compatible with a variety of Tasmanian Tiger’s backpacks, as well as others. Featuring several organizational as well as admin elements on the front, it also offers laser-cut PALS/MOLLE and attachment points for bungee cords on the back. As a result the panel can not only be used for EDC purposes, but also for others like IFAKs, tech organization etc.


  • HxW: 40cm x 25cm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Materials: T-Square Rip FD, Laminated Square Mesh, WooJin hardware, YKK Zippers

The TT Organizer Panel

Quickly looking at the construction, one will notice immediately that the TT Organizer Panel is not a loose piece of fabric, but stiffened with a hard panel inside (no idea which material, but probably some PVC).

The front of the TT Organizer Panel

The shape gets smaller in width to the bottom, to fit into the design of current Tasmanian Tiger Models. Advertised to be compatible with the TT Essential Pack L, it also fits other TT Models, as we will see further down.

The Front of the TT Organizer Panel

Looking at the front, you will find three sections of organizational options. At the top there is an elastic slip pocket made of mesh for items you need fast access to. A carbine for key lanyards is conveniently placed above it, so you can not only hang your keys on the panel, but also put them in that slip pocket.

The admin section of the TT Organizer Panel

To the left are four elastic loops (two smaller, two wider) for lamps, markers, Multitools etc. Another elastic webbing (which is closed to the bottom) is placed below them, to hold the items in place.

The flat zippered mesh pocket in the middle

In the middle section of the TT Organizer Panel you will find a flat zippered compartment with laminated mesh. It is see through and can be closed with a ykk zipper.

The elastic mesh pocket with two way zipper

To the bottom is a zippered mesh pouch. This is made of a fine elastic mesh and features a two way zipper.

The Backside of the TT Organizer Panel

If you need a completely different setup, the backside of the TT Organizer Panel is providing additional options to organize your load out. What catches the eye immediately is the large laser-cut PALS/MOLLE panel.

Backside of the TT Organizer Panel

Using two 10cm wide velcro tapes, Tasmanian Tiger provided four channels with 10 slits (totaling in 9 rows) of PALS/MOLLE.

To the bottom is a flat, zippered mesh pocket, with elastic mesh.

Zippered mesh pocket to the bottom

Additionally you will find several attachment points for bungee or paracord on the backside of the TT Organizer Panel.

Four webbing loops make it possible to lace cord in a variety of ways over the backside. In combination with the laser-cut PALS/MOLLE, one will find endless variations to suit your needs for, let’s say, an IFAK for example.

Various attachment points on the backside

Additionally, two D-Rings are on top of the panel. These provide added attachment points for lanyards, bungee cord in combination with the loops, or alternative ways to mount the Organizer Panel in your backpack.

Attachment Points

So how do you mount the TT Organizer Panel in you backpack? For that you will find a laser-cut Hypalon tab on top of the panel. Using that, you can attach the organizer in almos any Tasmanian Tiger backpack, which is big enough and features a velcro tab in its main compartment.

Attachment points for the TT Organizer Panel

If you are lacking said velcro tabs, you can work your way around. In order to do so, you can either use the two D-Rings on the backside of the TT Organizer Panel and interlink them with D-Rings in your pack, or you use the two grommets, which are conveniently located at the top left and right corners. Using paracord, or even zip ties, one can find plenty of ways to mount the TT Organizer Panel in your backpack.

You can also use the D-Rings to make a handle in case you want to use the panel as a quick access IFAK.


Looking at the level of manufacture it may come to no surprise that the overall look and feel is clean and high quality. Quality control with Tasmanian Tiger is always high and the panel is done very nicely.

Closer look at the level of manufacture

Materials are high quality, the seams are tidy and tight. There are no loose threads and one has immediately the feeling of having a very decent product in hand.

The TT Organizer Panel in use

While the TT Organizer Panel is advertised for being compatible with the TT Essential Pack L, it is of course fit for other packs as well. So far I have used it in the TT Urban Tac Pack 22, the TT Modular Combat Pack as well as other brands, which feature a loop to hang in hydration bladders.

In use as an EDC setup in the TT Urban Tac Pack 22

Personally, the EDC aspect is playing a major role for me personally. The TT Organizer Panel allows me to carry pens, cables, chargers and other smaller stuff in backpacks, which do not feature much internal organization. Additionally, it allows me to quickly switch between packs, since I only have to take out the whole panel and put it in another bigger or smaller pack.

The layout is practical: pens, light and quick access items on top. Others are stored in the middle. Having a flat compartment in the middle makes sense so that the access to the bottom is not obstructed.

Being stiff in design, the panel can stand on its own within the pack, allowing for it to be used as an IFAK panel, which can be quickly taken out of the backpack. If you use it in a full clamshell backpack, one can also place it in there to fold it outwards if necessary.

An amateur example for an IFAK loadout – just to show options

The last picture must be seen only as an example of an amateur, trying to display options. I am no medic, or first responder. So this layout might even make no sense at all. It is only there to show you that mounting first aid items is possible on the backside.


Organizer Panels have become a valid option for upgrading basic combat packs or upgrading those packs, which already have some sort of organisational options. The TT Organizer Panel fills that role not only perfectly, but also adds options which have not been seen on other organizer panels so far.

With its stiff construction, the option to use both sides depending on your mission profile or everyday use, it complements any backpack that has enough space for it. Ranging from EDC use to tech organisation or even IFAK purposes, the TT Organizer Panel is a real workhorse when it comes to backpack accessories.

Looking at quality of manufacture as well as the bang for the buck ratio, this is actually a no-brainer to get.

With that being said, I want to thank Tasmanian Tiger for making this review possible!

As always thank you for reading!

Take Care

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