Review: Helikon-Tex – Greyman Jacket

Review: Helikon-Tex – Greyman Jacket


The Helikon-Tex Greyman Jacket is one of the company’s low profile urban line-up garments. The moment I saw the jacket being introduced, I was highly interested because of its casual and edgy design. Needless to say, I also wanted to take a closer look at it and give you guys my impressions.


The Greyman Jacket by Helikon-Tex is a lightweight 3-season jacket made of Duracanvas. It offers two external and internal pockets with sleeves for magazines and EDC items. An additional internal pocket at chest height provides room for documents etc. The armpits are ventilated using Versatstretch material, which also helps in terms of mobility.

The Helikon-Tex Greyman Jacket
The Helikon-Tex Greyman Jacket

The Helikon Tex Greyman Jacket

When looking at the jacket, one can say that Helikon-Tex really managed to create an urban looking, casual design that does not scream tactical as other products on the market. The Greyman jacket follows old school jacket designs and falls freely on the body. At the same time the edgy look makes for a modern feel.

Diagonally attached on the left and right and hidden nicely under flaps, you will find side pockets which can be closed by a zipper. These pockets feature one internal sleeve each for magazines or EDC items that fit the dimensions. These side pockets are high enough to carry larger items or documents.

On the inside of the jacket you can find two more pockets left and right that also feature magazine sleeves. These got diagonally openings and have a small tab attached to them for easier access. They are sized in a way that you can insert a pistol and a rifle magazine each.

A pocket for documents, your wallet etc. can be found on the left inner chest area. This pocket is zippered as well and offers plenty of room for your essentials.

Inner chest pocket

The frontal zipper has a break away option to be able to open the jacket instantly. It features a wind guard and goes all the way up to the collar. Said collar can be casually folded down or up to protect your neck. There is no zipper garage, so watch out for your skin or beard. However, the wind guard goes all the way up, so there is some protection.

Adjustment Options

The jacket offers several ways to give it a better fit on your body. On the lower sides you will find tabs and Canadian slotted buttons for adjusting the jacket closer to your body. To alter the cuffs, you also have the option to regulate their size using Canadian slotted buttons. If you want to roll the cuffs over your wrist, a generous slit makes it possible to fold them back.

Size and Fit of the Greyman Jacket

Finding the right size with jackets is always a bother. The Greyman Jacket however, is true to size and you can get the size you are used to without having to worry that it won’t fit.

What surprised me personally are the long sleeves of the jacket. These are too long even for my arms – which says a lot. That being said, one can adjust them comfortably with the cuffs and even roll them back and make for a more casual look.

The jacket pictured is a European size L with Helikon-Tex’ system marking it as US M.

The Versastretch inserts provide plenty of flexibility to the jacket in order to not feel restricted. There is an offset in color, but if that does not bother you, you’re good to go.

Quality of Manufacture

Helikon-Tex manufactures decent quality, there is no doubt about that. The Greyman Jacket is no exception and you will get a great product with excellent materials. I already mentioned in the reviews of other DuraCanvas products, that you should not get confused by the name “DuraCanvas” – it has nothing to do with Canvas itself and is just a thicker woven PolyCo fabric.

Excellent quality of manufacture – no doubt about that

The Greyman Jacket in use

The jacket is a great companion during Spring and Autumn or cooler Summer days. It provides plenty of options to carry your EDC items and performs excellently. The wider cut makes it possible to conceal what you might carry in the pockets or under the jacket. This is a huge improvement to the other jackets of the urban line, which featured a cut that is too close to the body.

The Helikon-Tex Greyman Jacket

The breakaway zipper has its downsides. There were times when I stretched/bent and the zipper opened unwanted. I did not use the jacket in a tactical fashion, so I will abstain from making any speculations on its usability in these kinds of situations.


Helikon-Tex really managed to deliver a low profile, urban looking garment with the Greyman Jacket. Having an inconspicuous look and featuring plenty of options to carry EDC items, magazines etc. makes this jacket worth taking a look at.

The quality of manufacture is great and the fit is excellent, making it comfortable to wear while being able to conceal important items at the same time.

With that being said, I want to thank Helikon-Tex for giving me the opportunity to show you guys this jacket.

Many thanks for reading!

Take care

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