Video: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Modular Trooper Pack In this video I am taking a closer look at the Tasmanian Tiger TT Modular Trooper Pack. I have been using this pack for a year now and am more than impressed. Of course I also have some constructive criticism as always – more of that in […]

Video: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Thermo Pouch 5L Last week I did a video on Tasmanian Tiger’s TT Thermo Pouch 5L. Patrons of my blog already had a chance to take a look at it and now it is publicly available. Especially in the last few weeks the TT Thermo Pouch was a reliable companion […]

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Sentinel 28 and TT Sentinel 40 Introduction The TT Sentinel backpacks made their first appearance during IWA ‘22 and are finally hitting the market. As I already had the chance to take a closer look at both the TT Sentinel 28 as well as the TT Sentinel 40, I want […]

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Base Pack 52 IRR Introduction Military toploader packs almost always look alike and only a few companies manage to push designs further. With the TT Base Pack 52, Tasmanian Tiger combined toploader with roll top packs, creating a backpack which can expand from 52l to 65l. Personally I think this […]

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Maine M’s Jacket    Introduction Tasmanian Tiger is usually known for its backpacks, bags and tactical equipment. With the TT Maine M’s jacket, the company is also offering a very practical and no-nonsense softshell jacket. I received the jacket last year in late summer and had the chance to put it […]

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – TT Companion 30 Introduction With the TT Companion 30, Tasmanian Tiger introduced a lightweight daypack in the 30l range to the market for 2022. Combining some of the typical features of TT with a less is more approach, the pack features an interesting option for everyday carry, short trips or even […]

Review: Tasmanian Tiger – Assault Pack 12 Pine Survey contributor Lazarskyy is taking a closer look at the Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12. As always it is with great pleasure that I can present you an article from her. INTRO If you ever wondered why Tasmanian Tiger is called that way – here is the […]

Tasmanian Tiger – TT Organizer Panel Introduction Organizing gear and EDC items is a constant challenge. The TT Organizer Panel is designed to help with exactly that topic: to complement and modify a wide range of Tasmanian Tiger backpacks (and others of course). I had the chance to look at this panel in more detail […]